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Hi All steemians

This time I want to share about the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar, Takengon, Aceh Indonesia. The lake is located in Central Aceh District, the distance from Banda Aceh City 5 Hours travel by motor vehicle. If you want to fly directly by plane from Kuala Namu Airport about one hour to Rembele Airport, Bener Meriah regency. Bener Meriah Regency is a division of Central Aceh District. So the distance from Rembele Airport to Danau Laut Tawar is about 1 hour drive by motor vehicle. As the name suggests Lake Laut Tawar, the lake is as vast as the ocean and the taste of the water is fresh. The lake is surrounded by mountains. This is the atmosphere of the danai in the afternoon.

For those who see this picture, hope you like it

Thank you @jamilfian

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Danau yang indah, semoga tetap terjaga dengan baik.

Semoga begitu @arifuddinaba, danau ini juga sumber penghidupan masyatakat sekitar danau.