Perfection... I have tears too, maybe it's a Mum thing : )
What an incredible experience to be a part of, precious! And like I would expect you have done an exception job. xx

Hi gabyoraa,

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Thanks guys. Your support makes a huge difference on Steemit. You're the best.

Hi @gabyoraa... Beautiful post. Really enjoyed watching each photo... Great job... Looking forward to your upcoming posts...

Wow, cuando me dirigí a tu pagina web y vi todo tu trabajo quede impresionada, demasiado talento, esto es maravilloso... Un abrazo.

The candidness, wow, such powerful images. You really nailed them @gabyoraa

Thanks Horus!!!! I was waiting to get their permission to use the photos. It was such a beautiful day.

This is one amazing

Good thing you did not puke :D

Agree!! And I love how they're all in black and white too.

Wow! Absolutely beautiful post, @gabyoraa. I love all the pictures of the family members. So many emotions.

Thanks! Yeah, they were so excited to have this new member in the family. Those moments are the best.

Wao! También lloré viendo tan hermosas imágenes. Captaste el sentimiento. Me encantó disfrutar de esta publicación. Estuviste en presencia del mayor milagro de Dios. Un gran abrazo y admiración mi querida Gaby. Saludos.

Gracias mi reina. Un abrazo para ti también

You did a wonderful job!!

Thanks Scott! Any constructive criticism from you is always welcome by the way! I'm still in the learning process, and I know you have years of experience.

Learning? You nailed it!! <3

Haha BW is a great choice for emotional pictures and I'm guessing the hospital probably had horrendous lights.

If it were me in Lightroom there would be like some guys faces I would super super quickly run a brush over to lighten their faces because they were playing a keep role in the image. you don't have to lighten faces just because but... but if you want people to spend a little bit of their attention there then brighten them up with a nice thick brush with a big feathering and just a slight lightening helps include them even more.

It's usually the father which I suppose is important in the story so lighten him up is my thought it helps place him in the story through the usage of LIGHT.

BTW i only give critique for people I have a respect for and have asked for it. Unwanted critiques are the worst.

Oh yay. Thanks for the advice. I did try to put a bit more light on his face but my camera is not the best quality and the more I bring out the shadows the more grain comes in :( But I'll play around with it a bit more see what I can do. Thanks for the advice!

Light in their face put I will!

Yeah that does make it harder if the camera doesn't give you as much leeway

Beautiful captures and touching storytelling as always! I’m sending your post link to my mom who took similar photos of newborns. She is an amateur photographer working as a surgeon. I’m sure she will love your photos! :)

Oh great!!!! Let me know what she thinks!

The miracle of Life captured by Gaby. Amazing my friend! <3

Thanks!!!!! So sweet of you to always check my posts! :)

Wow, what a treasure to have these pictures from such a memorable moment - you made them a precious gift Gaby!

don't really know what to say. this is what photography should be about. and i am sure that there is no way that you will not stay in contact with them for ages.

Oh yeah, I feel connected to her!!!! Can't wait to see her grow.

Thanks!!! Coming from you I really appreciate it. You are an awesome photographer

que belleza amiga! sin duda espectacular trabajo!! Felicidades!!

Beautiful, memorable storytelling. Congrats on the well-deserved curie!

Thanks derek. Curie upvotes sure make my day :)

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