My Picture Day: A Walk to Morocco's Beach

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This is my first time to join @timsaid #MyPictureDay Challenge which is currently in Round 14.

I'm just home with my family yesterday from our holiday in Morocco 🇲🇦. And before we left, we had a walk to this beautiful beach in Salè just near in our Riad(where we stay).

We just walk and followed the ancient wall. This wall protected the City during the war before and this one in Salè is the oldest wall aside the one in Fez. And I really enjoyed every steps. It feels like I'm in old times.


This is what their street looks like..


And at the top there's this beautiful beach!







A family picture!


And a short video for you..

I took this photos and video using my phone Sony Xperia XA1.

Details of the contest please check it here and join!

I wish I'd bring you that good vibes that the beach gave me!👆


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now those are what I call BLUE photos ;).


Aww thank you dear @anmeitheal. And I saw you went to Dublin's meet up. Wished we can go there too. But no, visa restricted so I just love to see the photos with all of you! Steem on!

Seems like it was an amazing trip! What made you all decide to go to Morocco?


Because of the heat! And I thought it's a warm country! But no, it's just same here in UK. Freezing cold lol. So better check their season and weather before going. 🥂

Good pictures. I spent 3 weeks in Morocco in December and went back in January. I really love that country. I just uploaded a video about Tamri, check it out.


That is wonderful! Just followed you, Morocco is really beautiful.

Beautiful photos and amazing place! It's like you've used a dslr to capture them.

Good luck in the contest @dearjoyce!


I wish I have a proper camera! I'm really gonna work for it. And looking forward to the scary vr challenge, though numero unong matatakutin ako haha.. DM me whenever you post it dear. 🥂


It's definitely a good investment. Lucky for me my parents gave it as an early graduation gift.

Definitely, I'll be all excited to let you know. Although it can give a scare. :D
Slight lang naman. Hehe

:) it looks cold there.