A trek in the dolomites - MyPictureDay Submission

in mypictureday •  last year

Hello everyone! , this my entry for #mypictureday contests #photography by @alequandro

My photo gallery is about a Trekking in Dolomites.

A beautiful excursion to the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, Unesco heritage.

All the photos were taken with a Olympus OMD EM5


1/200 s 19mm f/11 ISO 100


1/160 s 45mm f/6.3 ISO 100


1/80 s 45mm f/6.3 ISO 100

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These are beautiful, thank you for sharing them! The Dolomites look amazing.


Thank you!! Yes, the Dolomites are special !!

Those are beautiful! I think that 1st one is my favourite. Congratulations on the win


Thanks, what a nice comment !!

Thank you all for the compliments, I'm really happy, give me the strength and the passion to continue to take pictures and engage more and more!

Congratulations to the winner great photo's and location


Thanks for the nice comment!

congratulations.... fantastic photos 👌👍


Thanks thanks thanks!! :D

Awesome shots and really outstanding scenery. Very well done mate.


Thanks, you made me happy !!

Congratulations! Stunning photographs


Thank you!! 😃

Congratulations.. I do love your pictures..keep it up


Thank you!! Your beautiful comments make me want to shoot!

Great works! Congrats!


Thank you very much!!

Congratulations @alequandro! Wonderful photos.


Thank you so much!!




Damn, these are freaking awesome!
Great work!


Thank you!! For two years I have been studying a post production especially for the mountains

Those are humbling peaks- wonderful shots!


Thanks, tried to give the photo the sense of majesty that I felt when I was there.

Wow! What amazing photography! :)


I'm glad you like it!! 😃

wow amazing place looks like something straight out of the lord of the rings trilogy


You're right, you are not the first person to tell me! 😂

Beautiful. Looks almost surreal or like an ancient painting


Yes, that's right. What I want in fact is to make photographs that tell something. I don't want to photograph reality, I want to exalt it. 😃


That's great, reality is just too normal

Huhuhu this is so BEAUTIFUL!! Stunning photos! Love the 2nd the the 3rd one! Especially with the foggy effect ✨✨✨ Congrats congrats!! Keep on inspiring other people like me 🙋🏻‍♀️💖


Thank you for the beautiful comment!😃 💜

Congratulations these photos are awesome


Thank you, I'm glad that you like my photos 😃