FUN POST: Tell Us About Your Cat or Your Dog :D

in #mypet2 years ago

Well as you read in the title. It is supposed to be a fun post to get cats lovers as well as dogs lovers a bit active here. I love pets myself and enjoy watching their photos or reading their stories. I will participate too and write about a cat whom I loved a lot. That will be my post for tomorrow. Everyone of us had a lot of pets in our life, but there will be just one who is unforgettable. Whether it is still with us or passed to a better place, feel free to share the photos and tell us about your beloved pet. Why you love him/her (I dont want to call them "it", because they have names and they are such sweet souls.), the funny things they have done, if they have been naughty or calm, their favorite food or outlook. I am sure you have a lot to share and once we start talking about someone we love, we never stop :)

You can share your story using the #mypet and if you have another pet other than a cat or dog, feel free to share the story. Love has no limits and I am sure that the most of us will enjoy reading your story. Please resteem this post or tag your friends, so they can participate as well. I am already excited to start reading your stories :D

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the quizzical Yorkshire :: Peppers - Scottish transplant @angrytwin

Very cute :D

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