✂ [MYOT - Make Your Own Toys!] Handmade Lantern!! ✂ [MYOT 自製玩具系列] 呦厚,中秋提燈籠啊!✂

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[MYOT - Make Your Own Toys!] is my series focusing on making toys for small kids with daily life materials, a.k.a trash, that every parent can do it without any skills. Love is needed though. It costs nothing but your time and you can do it with your kids, making it a special time for you. Besides, it's green earth compatible and you might even blog your experience here and earn! Use #myot tag so we can all share your fun!

This time I am gonna share a toy that I made more than half an year ago! Now seems a good time to share this because I have just recently been educated by fellow Hong Kong Steemians that they actually celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival by lanterns!! So I don't have to wait a whole year to share this! Woohoo~~~ Good timing and good learning too!!

So, It was the lantern festival back in the beginning of the Chinese lunar new year. My son's kindergarten asked us the parents to prepare a lantern for him so they would take them out and have fun carrying lanterns in the park. So we thought ok we need a lantern so we went to buy one from the market. This Patrick-from-Spongebob cute little lantern was the one we bought.

You think it's cute!? No!!! This is not a lantern at all!! This is just a fancy electrical moving object with a popular animation character (and maybe even without image authorization). I can live with the fact that lanterns no longer use candles, but use leds to light, but there is no way that a lantern is electrified so it can move by some buttons!! If so, why call it a lantern? everything comes with it would mean nothing at all...

[MYOT 自製玩具系列] 是我早期的系列之一。這次要分享的是:自已手作燈籠!哈哈,剛好最近香港朋友們的中秋過節文章,讓我學習了中秋提燈籠這件好玩的事,於是我想起我有個今年元宵節手作的,給兒子玩的燈籠,一直還沒分享。心想可能是要等一年了,沒想到現在剛好學習到這項新知,所以,時機正好,就不用等啦!感謝香港捧油啊!



So I decided to make one myself - partly because I was too angry and need something for diversion. Luckily we just had a box of fantastic cheese tarts from a Japanese store in Taipei. It was sooooooooo delicious and the point is ... we had an empty box that looked so pretty and suitable for making a lantern out of it!


Box and Tart

So, after contemplating it over in my brain, I prepared the tools needed and lucky again that I managed to find something that could make it work and make it look good - a small flashlight (yeah! the light source!!), a spared red diamond-shaped auspicious paper with a FU (,happiness) character on it and a red decorative lantern-shaped ornament that can go with my lantern... All good. So blessed! :)


Things You Need

I did not photoshoot the whole process but you can see from below that I cut some holes of different shapes and even wrote some English letters beside them. Remember this was for kindergarten kids so always on the learning mode! :) We have square, octagon, stars... yeah, learning while playing!!

On top of the lantern, I cut a small hole so the flashlight can be used to carry the main body while providing the light! and on the bottom is the ornament hinged to it.

我沒有好好將整個製作過程拍下,但你看圖就知道大概怎麼做的。我在盒子上打了許多各種形狀的洞,燈籠嘛,總是得讓光透出來,然後因為是幼兒的燈籠,所以用各種形狀,加上一點英文在旁邊,可以邊玩邊學習啊,Star... Oh, this is Square... 哈哈!好玩吧?盒子頂端打了一個小洞,讓手電筒的吊繩可以穿過,剛好成為提燈籠的地方;底部是那個小吊飾,也是要打個洞裝上去。

Carving and Attaching

Now, let's turn on the flashlight! seems ready to roll!! See how I need to cut a door on the side so my son's little hand can reach the flashlight inside the box to turn on/off the light! It's just big enough for him, my hand is too big for it. Perfect kid's lantern again!


Oh, now let's meet the lantern and sit it upright. Looking good huh?


Take a Good Look at it

It's no use if a lantern doesn't look good in the dark. So there is a final test to it. fingers crossed.

燈籠要成為真正的燈籠,就必須接受黑暗的考驗。來吧,關燈見真章吧 ....

Drum rolls... Turn off the light!!

Oh, man. It is even prettier in the dark!! It is a genuine lantern! :~~~~


The Happy Face of My Son

My son holding with my handmade lantern with his kindergarten classmates! See how other parents all settled for those they can found from the market. I don't blame them at all. This is just the modern way of life, but sadly losing our traditions day by day. If I weren't too angry about it and happened to come up with a MYOT idea, my son would be holding a similar lantern with his friends... I feel proud to have made it and gave my son a good memory...


What!? You cannot see any one in the frame? oh, I see... they are too shy.. should appear within the next 24 hours... lol
[the truth is ... I cannot find the photo tonight. But I am pretty sure I keep a copy in my office computer.]

什麼?看不到?噢,他們可能是太害羞了吧.... :) .... 等24小時內會出現的,放心。[好啦,我找不到相片但確定辦公室電腦有所以明天補上笑臉圖啦]

Thank you for reading my #MYOT series! I encourage all of you to do the same and have fun with your kids! Last time we used a tissue box and this time a cookie box. See how important they are? Keep them! :)

✂ [MYOT - Make Your Own Toys!] Tissue Box House ✂ [MYOT 自製玩具系列] 面紙盒變房子!✂

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Might come in handy far far in the future ... :P

Dear @deanliu good information about making toys. It's a great fun for kids.
Why today's children have alot of toys but they are still unsatisfied?

We used to make such things in arts and crafts class back in school these are really awesome, thanks for sharing!

Lovely. Is it safe for kids, especially babies? Since there are a lot of toys that contain harmful colors. Those toys look amazing, will try to make some for my DIY.

my son is 4 yo. this lantern is probably not suitable for under 2. thanks!


Hi @deanliu, I think #MYOT is a fun way of parenting as well. I have kids in my home and I know what they like. This has a commercial aspect as well so that makes it manifold diy experience. Great post.

Keep posting, supporting and rocking man! Thumbs up.

Steem On!

thanks and hope your kid benefit from this post. :)

Thank You!

this would be really fun to do with my kids, they would really like it

thank you for doing this in advance for them.... :)

nice artwork.. I love the Patrick lantern...

I love Patrick, but not being a lantern like this...

@deanliu you always Share Amazing Art !love your posts ...

thanks for the kind words! :)

吃完那個好吃的cheesecake,然後用餅盒做好燈籠,又實用又環保!!祝 @deanliu 一家中秋節快樂!🌈🌈🌈



我不像你們巫師,隨手一點就可以什麼都弄好了... 希望你好好認真把你的魔法用在好的地方,好嗎?[認真貌]


哼哼我的魔法可不是隨便用的😌但既然你這樣說......好吧,雖然上次我生火的時候把海格的茅屋燒著了,不過我還是會很有義氣地幫你生火的:) 來來來,我幫你!什麼,你不讓?只能把火生在你衣角上了......



Nice handmade.. I have to make it for my house I think..Thanks buddy

You are welcome!





Wow, very interesting, how much creativity, I'll try it looks fun.



Whooo this is so mind blowing. But @deanliu whats your opinion on marriage, here lemme know what you think.

这是这么想的吹嘘。但是 @deanliu 你对婚姻有什么看法,这里让我知道你的想法。


It's a good weekend activity also a way to stay connected with the kids.

Keeps the interest going and the kids stay creative.

the idea is very creative, simple cheap but merely luxurious impression, I sgt like it ... trimakasih have shared the making techniques

I have always liked home crafts, thanks for sharing @deanliu

Patrick Star is the least appreciated character in the "SpongeBob SquarePants" series, since I do not like the silly characters in the extreme.


this brings back so many memories of doing crafts when i was younger, thank you for this, my friend

welcome, my friend!

this is so cute!<3, buying super expensive toys for kids and pets is such a waste anyway they are just as happy with a box somtimes!

indeed! :)

It's a great lantern and well done you for spending time on making something for your son. It's the effort that counts, but the end result is quite amazing.

Dear @deanliu good information about making toys. It's a great fun for kids.
Why today's children have alot of toys but they are still unsatisfied?

手工藝都是由我太太負責,主要是因為她不希望女兒們會有童年陰影..... 現在女兒都上了小學,應該不會再有這些要家長動手的作業了.


Well made, thanks for tutorial. I also make toys often from scratch or customize vinyl blanks like munny. If you are interested, check my account, maybe there is something you will find interesting.

派大星! hi~


果然是老師交代父母的作業 XD

Great ideas. I am not very handy and haven’t really have done any DIY. Maybe it would be a great start for me. Awesome and thanks!

Practice makes perfect. Besides... it's not like any other people is gonna see how terrible your work is... lol

So, go for it!

Lol. Who cares what other people will say. Maybe they would have thought that the ugly made is unique and specially made. 😛

Awesome !! Thank you for sharing this DIY tip =D I ll have to try this