My Name is what? wagun001- Writing Contest

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Our nickname, isn't just only a name to easily describe us, but it is our symbol, our mark and it conveys everything about us, where it includes our reputation, our deeds, and everything about our ability, attitude and personality. Still remember, that it isn't all about having the good or the best name, but it's about the legacy and good deeds behind each and every nickname we have.


This is my entry to the My Name is What contest by @steemitachievers.

Please write about your Steemit name.

I'm wagun001 in steemit. That nickname is my in game name or my IGN. I used it and still using it, in every game or in every community that I'm with. Some of my friend are being curious, on where did I get that name, because it has no direct meaning. You might think that it is a combination of wag and un, wag is a Filipino word means, not or don't, while the un, is a shortened word yun, meaning that. Fusing those becomes wagun, but you are wrong and it's not the right one.

Why you chose it and what it means to you?

The wagun came from the word, duwag and un is just an un sounds to make it more emphasized, it works just like a hiss sound that added in the last pronunciation of some words. Duwag means coward or fearful. Me, my siblings and my friends are a Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) enthusiast. We used to say duwagun, once a player are showing some signs of doubt or hesitation to take some in game action, and it became a part of our expression. That's why I've decided to use it as my IGN. I omitted the 1st syllable du, from duwag, then add an un sounds in the last syllable. Then that's it, that's how the wagun has derived.

There are some site, who are too sensitive in accepting a certain username, sometimes they required a combination of a text and a number. I chose to add 001 in wagun, so it becomes wagun001, to make it easier, when registering or making a nickname in some game or in some community, that I'm with.

I would like to say thank you to @steemitachievers, for making this interesting contest.