My Name is What? A Writing Contest by @steemitachievers

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What's my STEEMIT name?20170920_173602.jpg

Im @samuyuru4.
Its my japanese name since my father is a japanese citizen. The number "4" is me and my daughter's day of birth.

Why do i chose it and its meaning?

Its the first name that comes to my mind when i was joining here at steemit.also,its the same to my original name SAMUEL (number 4 is not included😁)

If given the chance to be able to change it,will you?

I might prefer the name "MR.VALDEZ" my display name.its a japanese anime character from YUYU HAKUSHO.images-9.jpgwe have some same characteristics😎

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Hey man, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and you rock like a Samurai.


Many thanks! @joeyarnoldvn😎
Im still learning how to construct a good format for new articles i wanted to post next so that anyone who would read and see my blog would feel inspired like me.good day!😊



arigato for joining!