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Hello everyone here in steemit! Hope you are all well..

Today, I will share to you the story behind my steemit name; @phantum04 as my entry to a writing contest of @steemitachievers entitled "My Name is What?/ What's your Steemit Name?"

photo is mine...

The contest is all about why you choose your steemit name?And what it means to you?

So guys, let me start sharing you the story behind my steemit name and why I choose it.

The word "phantum" does not have any definition if you search it through out to the net. But if you change the letter "U" with "O" that would be spelled "phantom", in there, you can find the definition of it.

In google dictionary, you will find phantom as a noun referring to a ghost or an image that appears only in the mind; an illusion according to

So, why I choose it as my steemit name when it is referring to a ghost or illusion????

So here's the story....

It was October 1, 2013 when an angel came into my life and we named her Keizhamae...Keizhamae is our first child but unfortunately, since it was my first time giving birth to a baby, I have a hard time. That's why when my baby came up she was admitted to NICU or Nursery Intensive Care Unit due to some illness and complications..

At first, my husband and I was very happy then. Until one day or three days after I gave birth to my baby. October 4, 2013 to be exact.Those happines is immediately replaced by sadness when the doctor tells us that our baby unfortunately did not survive to the complications and that she passed away.

At that time, it fells like my world seems to collapsed and I feel like I'm torn inside and tears are running through out my eyes...

Also at that time , I consider it the saddest part of my life that until now, whenever I talk about my child-Keizhamae, my tears are suddenly dripping. Maybe because I still do not feel in my heart that she is gone. So I made an image of her in my mind and heart; an illusion as they say.

An illusion that even if my baby is a ghost now, she is still in my heart at all times. That's why I choose @phantum04 as my steemit name because the word phantum represents her and 04 is her death anniversary.

If you will give a chance to change my steemit name, I will not do it!

I will just remain my steemit name for this represent my lost daughter and it feels like I'm always with her everyday whenener I used this name.

And that's the story behind my steemit name and why I choose it.

I will mention @ligaya and @dianafigura to share also there story why they choose their steemit name and what it means it to them...So guys, write your story now...You have few more days left.fighting!

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Thanks for droppingby...

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What a sad story that is but at the same time it gives more meaning to your username here.

Yes you're right it's a sad story yet gives the meaning to my username...

Thank you for joining, good luck!

Thank you..:)

Thanks for sharing your name. You are cool.