I'm new here, I'll take your keys.

lets wait for any other claims … else its yours

Ok thank you.

As I said before,

If you want to come clean with the community.

You can send the keys of to me as an encrypted memo.

Are you willing to shutdown you Witness
And send all your funds to @null

I am willing to give my keys to anyone who is not here to make money ---

Why would anyone send their funds to @null just to prove you something?

This is like asking people to burn down their houses and hard-earned money.

Just to prove to a greedy person that they are not like him.

On the contrary to people of your kind, some people have integrity.

Something that you probably never knew existed.

Just pass the keys to another account that you own and keep playing the victim.

and stop wasting people's time.

Yea, this is one of @justyy's many, many, alt accounts, meant to spam bullshit and whatever for earnings. He thinks he's not obvious but he's dog shit obvious because he's dog shit for brains. It's funny watching him go full retard.

Btw @steem-supporter (Someone who regularly scams and shitposts to soak up money for themselves, while voting on shit that supports hive or talks about hive. Hardly a "steem supporter" at all, but hey scammer dog shit think that naming themselves something steem related or that claims to support steem, makes them slick. Dumbass logic.) No, you do not get to continue to use people's votes/voting power to your own liking, just because you have auths for their posting (They gave you those auths so that they could use your service, a service you are no longer providing, retard.) and it's illegal to do so, as you're using their power in a way they never intended. It's laughable that a fucking retard like you thinks anyone with half a brain is in any way fooled by your actions you moronic fuck. Between all your multi-accounts and alt-accounts, you're one of the biggest dog shit scammers/shitposters/only-here-for-money-fucks to ever exist on here. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out you're berniesanders from the old steem, here still trying to play the hero while being an absolute fucking invalid who obviously only cares for their own earnings. It's laughable how fucking stupid you are. LOL.

Go ahead, try to use voting power of people who signed up for Steem Auto, to vote on what you wish and abuse their trust in you and essentially violate the written and express contracts you made with them, that their auths would allow them to use the service you took over from an actual trustworthy source.

Retards like you make me fucking smile. You're a fucking invalid. Hope you enjoy prison, because that's no doubt where a person like you ends up. You're a sad excuse for a human being. :)

He's mad because people like me used his service to vote on our shitposts to earn, because that's what we're here for and not everyone has to be here for the content. It's money linked to social media. You are allowed to be here for one or the other, or both, but mad, butthurt, little bitches like steem-"supporter" get upset when they start to get out-earned by shitposting, when they invest minimal time in real posts, and shitpost themselves, just to not earn a fraction of what those blatantly shitposting for an roi make. He's just a mad little bitch, nothing more, nothing less.

To anyone looking for a steemauto replacement, I will be working on getting my own up here soon. People have a right to automate shit however they choose and just because some little bitch gets butthurt, doesn't mean that those services should cease to exist. It's just funny watching an obviously retarded hypocrite talk about only caring about earning, when they so obviously only do that.

I have all of Mahdiyari's old files for steemauto saved on various drives, both the new and old format, and will be modifying those to work again, with a new URL.

The other difference is, I won't be having steemconnect or whatever, ask for ACTIVE KEYS like this "steem-supporter" scamming fuck did. It's obvious that you were key phishing by doing so, so if I see any shady shit happening that would require an active key, I can 100% guarantee it's linked back to you and you will most definitely pay the price for your actions. :) Hope you're not absolutely dog shit stupid, but hey, here you are shutting down steem auto (Or your shitty version of it.) due to your hypocrisy and anger over shitposters earning more than your shitposting is. Your life is a joke kid, get real justyy. :)

Yup, act like you're clueless, you retarded fuck. LMFAO. Continue to bullshit about being here for steem, while you cash out on alt clusters and spam just to upvote your spam later, while all the while acting like you give a fuck here. I mean, if the idiots here have fallen for your bullshit this long, who knows how much longer you could potentially keep this up. :)

You're not fooling anyone with an actual brain though, so you know, you fucking invalid. ;) @justyy aka: Dog Shit for Brains.

I'm new here, I'll take your keys brother.

What happened?

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