My 2019: Achievements and Failures - I have found the wealth

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Achievements and Failures are defined by oneself and are quite subjective for every individual.

It depends on how you have define them for yourself and how you evaluate them. I saw quite a good posts for this contest and upvoted some of them, thank you @blocktrades and @anomadsoul for bringing up this contest. Because I think, these are the kind of posts that adds the social feelings to the steem blockchain. Its expression of feelings and that is when a social media becomes hit - when the people feel happy to post something on their life, their feelings.

For me Achievements and Failures are mostly measured by how well I am able to live my life. Its not measured by any means on how much financial wealth I have accumulated. As long as I am able to earn a decent earning to live a good life, provide decent living to the family, provide good education to the kids, I am success. And most importantly everyone being healthy is the biggest achievement for me. As its told Health is Wealth - I realize it to be very true as I am getting older. Today no one sees my certificates which were once considered as our biggest achievements. And when you grow old, no one is going to ask you , how much wealth you have. Rather people will ask you How healthy you are, how happy you are.

Year 2019 did not start well for me. I got diagnosed with a cyst in the liver in early this year. I was suffering from chest pain since long, and its only in early 2019, it was detected. Though it was a simple cyst, but as you know, anything can happen from there. I always feel, Prevention is better than cure, and took every step to consult the right doctors to know about the implications and take the rights steps to do the remedy - get cured. And I was lucky to find the right doctor ( believe me, its the hardest thing today to find out the right doctor) who advised me well for the remedy. I did a post on this sometimes back and started on that journey. And since this last post, I have really increased my daily exercise and the results are amazing. I can feel the difference today of being well. I have been able to loose almost more than 10% of my weight. I am about to do my next scan sometimes in January, but the most important thing is that I am feeling being well, being active and most importantly being happy. I have found the wealth in my health - to enjoy this life.

I am spending more time with the Family, going out more frequently, trying out good foods in some nice restaurants and enjoying the family life more now. That adds a lot to live a stress free life. So I consider 2019 is bringing more achievements and setting the stage for a nice 2020.


I wish you all success in your life as well. One thing I have learned of late - One need to live a constrained life to be happy. You need to define your own limits - to be able to reach there and then treat it as a success. If you dream too high then its always going to be miserable ending. So set up your own limits - consider your failures as a learning point and determine to surpass them next time to achieve success.

Life in my opinion is a time pass on this great earth, and its important how much good time you have here. Be Happy.


This is a very sweet post.

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Fitness is important and I glad to know that you are doing good amount of excercise. I am sure 2020 will be a good year.

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