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Hi steemit friends, do you know what life is like in Aceh? If you know, don't tell it, OK, I'll just tell you! Hahahha (kidding)
The place I live in Aceh, more precisely in Aceh Tamiang, is very identical to coffee. A lot of Acehnese people are coffee connoisseurs, morning, night and day, always. In Aceh, there are so many people who open coffee shop businesses and hang out with young people, even where I live, there are a lot of coffee shops. the visitors who attend, are usually young people and the elderly.
What kind of coffee do you usually enjoy in Aceh? Komi that is enjoyed by every visitor is usually expresso coffee or gayo coffee. The way to brew it is different. Coffee in Aceh is not brewed with a machine but is brewed manually.The method of brewing is unique, different from the others. There must be a trick that is their mainstay that visitors can see.
When attending, visitors are usually present at night after work and come in groups. Why groups? Is this Corona again ?! But there it is. Young people in Aceh love to hang out with their friends and play mobile games late into the night. Don't be surprised if the coffee shop in Aceh is always open until midnight, some even until morning.
The social level in Aceh is very affluent and cares about its social environment, and never considers caste and age to be friends.
Thank you to those who read this blog, hopefully it will be useful, until you work again on my next blog and greetings to all of us. Bye bye ^ _ ^

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