The Journey into Adulthood.

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I have been AWOL for the passed 5 days because I am a dummy. Steemit makes it very clear that you need to backup your password and I thought that if I put it in my notepad on my phone that it would be safe... Well, it was, until my screen started to dim and I pressed spacebar to keep my screen lit and it accidently changed my password into what auto-correct thought I was trying to type. I tried all the things I could possibly think of to try log back into my account, eventually I gave up and reported my account stolen. Sigh, I'm such a dummy sometimes. BUT! I am back now and ready to inform you on my journey.

On Saturday Damien was admitted into hospital. He had cut his finger (left index) with a rusty knife, while he was at work, and his finger got insanely infected and it looked quite gross. He went in for surgery this morning at 00h00 and was done by 02h00. He is in a bit of pain now but I think he has learned his lesson about cleaning wounds properly, immediately after the incident. Also, they will have to amputate his finger if it doesn't show any signs of healing by tomorrow morning! Let's hope it shows signs of healing! Damien's main concern about his finger is that if it gets amputated that he will have to learn how to play guitar with his right hand. Haha! Men. I've already started thinking of nicknames to call him if his finger has to be amputated. Steri Stumpie is my favourite.

I was off yesterday, so I decided to take my pet hedgehog (Smog) out into the real world for an outing. First stop was at my work, my co-worker was so excited to see Smog, but the excitement faded when she tried to hold Smog and Smog puffed up into a deadly spike ball. Smog was grumpy because she had been running on her exercise wheel the entire night because well... she is a nocturnal animal, and I woke her up at 07h00 when she was supposed to be sleeping. She was unpleasant for the first hour or so then she warmed up and became a busy body - she also pooped on my hand! EW! I hired a bike with a basket on the front and we went for a little ride together, it was so peaceful. The promenade was dead quiet, I saw maybe 2 or 3 people walking around. We rode down to the canals, imagine this - me cycling, with one hand steering and the other hand holding my travel coffee mug and Smog peeking her head out of the basket. It was a lot more bizarre if you had to see it because I was all over the place. It was not elegant at all. I spilled coffee as I almost crashed but Smog was safe the entire ride! I wouldn't do anything that would put her in danger. We caught our breath at the canals, watching the beautiful parrotfishes swimming up and down. I also spotted a lionfish! I was so lost in the moment that I didn't hear the man approaching us from behind. I got a fright when I saw him, turned out that he just wanted a cigarette so I gave him one. (I keep a box of cigarettes on me so I can give the homeless folk a cigarette instead of loose change. I save money and they gain a cancer stick.) He sat down next to us after I had given him the cigarette, I was uncomfortable about it because I'm not the best person to make small talk with. I hate small talk. Anyway, after he asked me for a job and to buy him a tattoo I said I had to bounce because nope, nope, nope. I got out of there faster than you can say parrotfish. I'm sure Smog was grateful that we left because he didn't smell too fresh and hedgehogs have an excellent sense of smell. After that scene we gave the bicycle back and caught an uber home, my driver was so excited to see a real life hedgehog. As I entered the gate to the flat, where I stay currently, there were a bunch of little kids hanging around so I showed them Smog and they were amazed that my "porcupine" was so small. Hahaha! Kids..
As I got home and put Smog back in her cage so she could sleep in peace, I got a phone call from Andrew, my brother, he said they were in Durban for the week and they wanted to visit me. So then they came over to my flat and we watched movies and they played with Zac (He's a ringneck bird. A very cheeky ringneck bird.). It was awesome to see them again, they're amazing young men.

I had quite an eventful day yesterday, normally I go to work, work out, wait for Damien to finish work then go home, but because Damien is in hospital my daily routine has been spiced up a lot. Hopefully it stays spiced up because I hate routine! I hate being predictable because then everyone knows your next move, I like to keep people guessing.

17 days left until I can cook in my own kitchen, my level of excitement is unreal! I'm sure Damien's is too. He keeps asking me to make Sloppy Joes because that's his favourite meal. I'm going to have to learn how to use a gas stove now because I've only ever cooked on a normal electric stove. There's a first time for everything. I'm also looking forward to showering because this bathing every morning thing is getting quite lame because I hate wasting so much water.

Anyway, until next time! Thank you for reading.


Hi Andr4eah I am following you and looking forward to the next exciting episode of your life.

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