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Epic Pike Fishing session, filmed at a secret location. Trolling & Lure fishing for pike somewhere in Ireland.


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In this session we visit a secret location where I take some family members for their first time pike fishing. We had a very successful day catching 15 pike up the 15lb in weight.

We fished Trolling from the Shetland 535 boat and threw some lures around. Hope you enjoy the video.

Thumbs up to see what we do on our next fishing session and every upvote welcome, it gives us encouragement to do more. Thanks for watching

Check my other videos to see how we got on with our first launch of restoration project the Shetland 535.
.............. Stay Tuned.

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Tight Lines, see you on the next one

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Where is was occured ?


@ a secret location in Ireland. Keep a look out for the next session this week. More awesome pike fishing


Okey thank you !

If Dtubes being a wanker and not playing see here on youtube.

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