Heron At The Pond This Morning

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Took this picture on my first 0.7 mile lap around the pond this morning. On my third lap I saw this bird eating a big bass that was about 15 inches long.

Not a fish story. I have photos.


You have to look closely but you can see the fish laying horizonally in the shallow water.


You can see the big bass in its beak.


Major progress! Now choking it down.


The long swallow... Compare the girth of its neck to the top photo.

I am kind of jealous. I have not caught a bass that big this year.

Still amazed at the things I have been seeing on my morning runs.


Great shots, following for more please. :)

Thanks! More to come!

Man, those photos are amazing. From the sequential order, to the contrast of light and dark, to the action, to the fact it's a bird eating a fish alive...

This is National Geographic type work dude. :)

I've noticed though that the photography tag hasn't been bringing the contest comment bot by, but these should be in it. I know there's an animal photography tag, too. Unfortunately, I don't have many animal shots so I don't know how that one's been doing. I'm usually dealing with food or the smartphone photography, which this one would also qualify for.

Seems like I didn't see anything from the smartphone one, though.

Thanks man. You are too kind.

I use a canon is that a good camera to use?

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