Ultralight fishing freshwater mahseer aceh 🎣 #FISHINGLURE

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**hy steemian, Since I know the ultralight fishing technique I feel very challenged, because fishing with small devices is incredible the sensation of fighting with fish even though the size of the fish is not large, if large fish must be more challenging 😁

Set ultralight fishing has the specification:
Reel: size 500 s / d 1000
Rod: max 6lb
Line: max 0.8 (but there is no definitive benchmark)
Lure: 7 gr

In Indonesia alone UL technique has started bumming a few years, and I hope the UL continues to grow in Indonesia.


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----- Tackle Ultralight Fishing -----

ROD : Discovery 4lb
REEL : Ryobi MP800
PE : Ceking 0.8
LEADER : Relix
SNAP : #0
LURE : Duo poco-poco**

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**Thanks You By @arys129**


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