Jungle perch fish again 🎣 #FISHINGLURE

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** hy friends, sorry some days i did not post because i lost my mobile phone on the beach 😂. This is my friend MJ MUHAJIR, he got some jungle perch fish in sarah aceh river using lure duo poco poco 4gr. This is a fish that is hard to find in Indonesia.🎣🌴

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special Thanks To: @myhuntingfishing @spinner @brian.rrr @mantishands & all angler 🎣

----- Tackle Ultralight Fishing -----

ROD : Discovery 1-4lb
REEL : Ryobi UP800
PE : Natuna 0.6
LEADER : Relix 15lb
SNAP : #0
LURE : Duo poco poco minipopper**

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


Awesome pics as usual @arys129!

Thank you friend😄

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So you had to buy a new phone or was it found? Hope so for you. The fish is eaten by now or is the fishing just for fun?

I bought a new mobile phone 😖, our fish release all.

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