Day fishing fun in joel bungalow 😄👍🎣 #MYFISHING

in #myhuntingfishing5 years ago

Went fishing on the beach near the joel bungalow lampuuk aceh, lots of coral fish species there, i thought would get a grouper, but not my grouper fish. Maybe next time I can catch more fish here. 😊🎣

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----- Tackle Fishing -----

ROD : Discovery 4lb
REEL : Shimano technium 1000
PE : Gosen 0.8
LEADER : relix 15lb
SNAP : Cultiva #0
LURE : Ryuki 45s & altron **

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


Tangkapan yang bagus..itu mancing dekat karang bang?

Terimakasih bang....Iya bang, ini di
Dekat pantai lampuuk...bnyk karang disini ...

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great catch!!

Thanks you friend

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