Community fishing clears the beach from human trash 💪#ClearBeach

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Hy steemian, here is a gathering event with community ultralight fishing aceh. our main event was cleaning the beach, as we were very sad to see beaches polluted by human trash.

The changes we make are not very meaningful, but we want to teach everyone. Please when you visit the beach take a little beach trash for you dispose of in the right place. Small changes if we do together will definitely be a big change. keep the world for our children in the future.

**Next we also made a little race, with sponsorship of "Fadlon ramadhan", and the longest fish champion is:

champion 1 riki sai reward hat loop.

champion 2 @arys129 gift lure duo.😊

champion 3 adoen silver gift bag reel.🎊🎉
What a wonderful day and many other activities we do like eating together and enjoying arabica coffee together.😊🎣🌴**


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** special Thanks To: @myhuntingfishing @mantishands @spinner @andyfishman @brian.rrr

----- Tackle Fishing -----

ROD : xxxxx
REEL : xxxxx
PE : xxxxx
LEADER : xxxxx
SNAP : xxxxx
LURE : xxxxx**

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


Great work! This is the kind of thing we need to see more of, especially from anglers - the few that leave a mess give the many of us a very bad reputation.

true friend, we must start a change to make the world cleaner and beautiful for the future, thaks friend 😊👍

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