Beautiful shallow reef fishing 🎣 #FISHINGLURES

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hy steemian, this story I went fishing with Tezar my friend. no fish we photographed, because hard to remove the camera while was soaking in the beach. lure that we use this time is minnow rapala xrcd-5, 1 meter submarine + sinking.😊🎣


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** special Thanks To: @myhuntingfishing @bbrewer @spinner & all anglers

----- Tackle Fishing -----

ROD : Rapala vespida 4lb
REEL : Shimano stradic 1000
PE : Gosen 0.8
LEADER : Varivas 15lb
SNAP : Cultiva #0
LURE : Rapala minnow xrcd-5 **

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


Nice, hope you caught some food.

thanks friends, we are not lucky, just get some fish to cook, only 3 fish 😂

hah 3 more fish than I got recently.. good job!

hahahha, because I often get more than 10 fish if fishing here 😄, so 3 fish very little for me here. maybe next time you will get more fish friends, always spirit 💪, greetings from indonesia 😊👍

Sometimes you don't get a picture of the fish but that's okay. As long as you enjoyed it!

😄👍yes friends, i really enjoy fishing day. how are you friends?

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