Baby jungle perch & mahseer 🎣#FRESHWATER

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hy steemian, fishing with community, chairul zach, fadlon R, dimas and ryanda. we fishing in fresh water near the great aceh mountains, a very beautiful and cool environment.😊🎣


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** special Thanks To: @myhuntingfishing @spinner @mantishands & All angler

----- Tackle Fishing -----

ROD : Vespida 4lb (ChairulZach)
REEL : shimano stradic1000 (ChairulZach)
PE : Rapinova 0.8
LEADER : Seaguar 15lb
SNAP : Cultiva #0
LURE : Duo poco poco & Tomigo pencil**

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


That's a cool looking little fish. Do you eat them or put them back in the water to grow bigger?

thanks friends, we always take the catch into the water, only fish up 1/2 kg that I bring home to eat 😅

Good brother. I love Fashing

thank you friends, greetings from indonesia 😊👍

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