Save Steem Steemit Forever Calls For Support To Keep Steem Data Decentralized

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About two months ago I started a project called "Steem Forever!" with the basic premise of establishing community owned  (sourced by the community via their votes for @justinadams for witnessconsensus

To reiterate the agenda of the project , let's first address the issues that we currently face: 

  1. We do not have enough seed nodes to handle all activity of the steem blockchain at its current growth rate without limiting users bandwidth. Period.
  2. over 90% of currently active seed nodes and ALL of the full RPC nodes are top 20 witness owned and operated either directly or via proxy thus creating a single point of failure (i.e. ) for the network. Basically, where's my dough?
  3. 90% of users on the steemit network are essentially (and this is an assumption) in the "minnow" or "dolphin" class which makes us the majority however we tend to carry considerably less bandwidth.
  4. There is zero monetary incentive to buy, build, manage and maintain the seed nodes which empower our network (however the top 20 witnesses do get paid, so they're encouraged to also run seed nodes because they are assumed to be able to afford them though not a requirement) 
  5.  The steemit blockchain is growing at a phenomenal rate!

The Solution

Let's build community owned steem seed consensus nodes and full RPC nodes. These will be called "Forever Nodes" 

-- The nodes that this project builds will indeed benefit everyone and these nodes will forever belong to the community for it's use. Hence the project moniker "Steemit Forever".  In the case that this project does succeed and the witness begins to earn, I have set up a steemit account @chainchoppers which will hold 50% of payments earned from the @justinadams witness. This will be called "The Fund" . The other 50% will be designated to operational costs for the witness and forever nodes. Funds distributed to the @chainchoppers (The Fund) account will be converted to Steem Power. It will be disbursed to the community via votes on their posts. The @chainchoppers steemit account will autovote posts (not comments) made by every member that has voted the @justinadams witness. As the account grows in SP, the voting weight will follow which will eventually mean a nice kick back for supporters.   If anyone has any suggestions regarding this, please feel free to discuss it in the comments below. Lastly, In the event that I am unable to maintain the nodes due to any reason health or otherwise, the rewards pool will be disbursed evenly among ALL current active voters in the form of Steem Power during a period not to exceed 90-days giving ample opportunity for server keys and ownership to pass for a proper dissolution. 

What Can We Do About It?

                       Vote This Witness For Starters

 I'd forecast an issue could be eminent if we did not do something about the availability of seed nodes and divide ownership of the network more evenly, however with such low sp and rep, it likely fell onto deaf ears. Most people before today probably even thought that this didn't concern them, but what about now? I am doing my part the best I can. With your help, we can prevent this type of service denial and interruption in the future!

Steemit Forever!

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More power to your project my friend.


Great idea i hope it can happen:)

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!