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Return to old habits

Some time ago, when the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency-based social media users was at the highest level, every Friday I always made a discussion with the title as above, plus the motto there was no post today, Just one picture And a little story

Lately, when the price of coins and SBD dropped dramatically, the spirit of the steemians also seemed to disappear, the vote value was decreasing and I was carried away and followed the market's will.
Today, Friday at the end of February, I began to try again to write a few verses of the sentence as proof that I am still very much in love with this platform and hope that Steemit will recover soon and return to its heyday as we have felt some time ago

Goodnight STEEMIT, I will always miss you.


All Text and Image in all of my Post are my Original Work

Thanks a Lot, Best Regards


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Awesome! Goodnight buddy!

Thanks a lot Dude

!tipuvote ;)

So much thanks for you Sir...
BEST REGARDS from me, @cardboard

happy saturday :)

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yayay..... lets wait for Sunday....😎😎

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