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  • selective color + filtro desgaste.


  • selective color + filtro rayo de luz


Cámara LG G3 D855



Muy buenas tardes, estas imágenes son de un día de compartir entre amigos, decidí tomar estas imágenes ya que entre mis zapatos favoritos son los converse, y unas hojas que habían con gran variedad de colores y tamaños, y éstas tapaban en totalidad el suelo, tanto que no se veía donde se pisaba.

Este es mi aporte al reto #MyDailyPost color selectivo perteneciente al día Viernes, por @sol25 y @leyargoz



Good afternoon, these images are from a day of sharing among friends, I decided to take these images because among my favorite shoes are the converse, and some leaves that had a great variety of colors and sizes, and these completely covered the floor, so much that you could not see where you were going.

This is my contribution to the challenge #MyDailyPost selective color pertaining to the day Friday, by @sol25 and @leyargoz

Espero mi humilde trabajo sea de tu agrado. Feliz Día.

I hope my humble work is your liking. happy day.


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Lovely photos. I really like how the color contrasts with the black and white. Muy lindas son :)


I remember when Converse had almost exclusive control over the "Tennis Shoe" market! Almost every basketball team, tennis player or anyone else playing a sport on a hard court used these shoes. As a teenager playing basketball for our local high school team I received two pairs of Converse All Star High Tops every season. During the season they were just worn during practice or in games, but after the season they were mine to wear for whatever I wanted to do. Being from a poor family we did not receive very many new pairs of shoes, so Converse became pretty much my trademark shoes wherever I went and whatever I was doing.

Today there are a lot of different brands of "Tennis" type shoes for sports or every day wear, and these days I have a closet full of shoes for different occasions and activities in my life. But I still keep a trusty pair of Converse All Stars available for when I want to feel young and athletic again lol.

I have heard of people having a comfort pillow, or security blanket, or even a stuffed animal as a protector or friend that made you feel safe and secure as a child. But I would have never thought that my comfort item would turn out to be a pair of comfort shoes. 😯 😄

Muy original querida, me gusta! Gracias por compartirlo en el tag:)

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