Mycro is better than ever before: Revised MVP, new strategy and amazing partnerships

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It’s been a powerful time for Mycro and you may wondered why we kept quiet? Indeed, there are a lot of things we will announce the next weeks that we have achieved during the time. Here is a brief community update about Mycro’s latest achievements. Strategic announcements will follow soon.

The Mycro Website
You may have already noticed: The Mycro website appears in a new design, enhancing a more user-orientated look and feel. Since we put our users and the user experience (UX) first, it was our duty to constantly improve the website. You will now be able to experience the ease of the Mycro platform already on our website.

MVP Testing & Improving
Only constant feedback and adjustment in an agile environment allows us to build an outstanding product. While our developers worked on the MVP, we were able to receive a lot of feedback on it from our community and the Mycro team. Not to mention the families and friends of Mycro who did not have any chance to NOT test our MVP.

A brand new Strategy
There is no word that can be interpreted in as many ways as strategy. However, we changed very specific steps of the Mycro strategy that will be announced here in the next days and weeks - and the changes will significantly impact the next years of Mycro. We were flying around the globe to make that happen (watch our previous conference videos) and are more than happy to make it public soon.

Thanks for being with us on the Mycro journey! 


Hey Now! I could have used this when I was UNEMPLOYED!!!
More Info Please

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Make sure to give our whitepaper a read and check out our website.

Our team is most happy to help with any questions you might have at their telegram channel @mycrojobs

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