Mycro goes IEO

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The time has come: After working a whole year on the vision of giving freedom back to the society, Mycro is conducting an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

What is the strategic aim of Mycro with the IEO?

Before conducting a public token offering, Mycro wanted to come to measurable and tangible results. Raising money too early or without having tested the product well enough, can lead to high burn rates in a startup, inefficient money usage or a product development into the wrong direction.Now, after a year of development and testing, Mycro has reached the point in which the product has been validated, feedbacked and adjusted enough in order to start the public token offering. Our private sale has successfully closed and hundreds of influential people within Blockchain and experts in digital businesses have been giving their input.

Why move to IEO ?

With an IEO, people can buy the Mycro tokens directly on an exchange. Most important for the safety and security of our Mycro believers is the due diligence that the exchange was performing. IEO provides an extra level of proof - since the exchange only wants to list legit projects, they are analyzing the project in detail before listing it. This means Mycro has passed a much safer due diligence than most of the projects and it provides the proof that Mycro is one of the few excellent and trustworthy projects and not being a scam.At the same time, we are valuing the marketing benefits associated with an IEO. Since ICOs have been conquered by many scam projects, IEOs remain as a solid way of performing a token sale. We want to spread the word and utilize the advantages of the IEO in our marketing and PR.

An IEO is the best choice for token buyers

Most crypto-projects rarely guarantees a listing of a token and a token that is not being listed does not leverage the true advantages of Blockchain based assets: liquidity and feasible exchanges. An IEO, however, allows us to instantly list the token on the exchange. Not only does the exchange provide Mycro with more liquidity for the initial offering, it also adds the liquidity aspect of the secondary market.

How can I participate?

Within the next days, we will reveal all facts and figures about the IEO. Until then, we will keep you posted about our sleepless nights, the exciting IEO kickoff and everything else you should know in our Telegram channel as well.

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