Crazy exprience on the bus

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NOTE; This is work of fiction at users risk
I wanna try something new... my exprience using public transport
So there is this day i wanted to get something from the market left my house and went to the busstop. Normally there are plenty of buses at the bustop waiting for passangers so i choosed the one that i liked so as we were about to go when this beautiful young lady came by thou she was older than me i admired her lucky she came to sit by my side..
I was kinda shy so didnt want to be caught starring at her so i looked away when we arrived at the next busstop my phone rang and it was playing DNA by kendrick lamar after i was through with the phone call she told me she liked the song and she would like to knw if i had other of his track i told her that i had and if she would like to collect some she accepted the offer then she collected them from me.
The last track was 'DOVES IN THE WIND' it was the track spark things into light.. she told me she didnt like the name of the track bt i talked her into listening to the first line... she listen to it and the first line was "real nigga do not deserve pussy" she looked at me seductively and then she throw the question to me that do i deserve pussy sonce i was a nigga.. i was stunned but quick to reply i told her yes she ask me what about her pussy?
I wouldnt mind she teased me a bit moving her hand around my thigh it was awesome cous it was wild someone could see us but we didnt care time run by and i was my drop we both exchanged numbers and that how i got to .......well you knw the rest
Hoped you liked it

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