Bunnies - Show Us Your California

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Hi Friends,

This post is an entry into the weekly Show Us Your California contest hosted by @socalsteemit where we show our California.

Even though the area I live in (Southern California) is a sprawling and populous area, there are still lots of “green” areas and lots of animals. Many animals thrive here, but one in particular is the bunny:


I snuck up on this one for the pic, but they like to hang out in grassy areas and near gardens. I don’t have food gardens, but my grass is nice, so I have them around my house from time to time.

Thanks for coming by and seeing a little piece of my California.



Nowadays the animal is becoming very extinct. but some animals survive

Yes, that is true!

I snuck up on this one for the pic

I think it saw you. It just didn't mind taking a picture..in fact, it was wondering why you were late. haha

Hahaha, yes, you are probably right!

It is more pleasant to see animals in their natural environment such as bunnies that come to your space. Keeping them in captivity is not appropriate. Blessings for you.

Congratulations @brian.rrr, your post won 1st prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!