Today is my birthday in Steemit

in mybirthday •  3 months ago

Hello my best steemian friends... !!
How are you...?
After a while it was vacuumed and no longer active on the Steemit platform. Today I am here again, because today is my first birthday in a year on this platform.
Even though it's very rare, I can't separate the fan from forgetting this platform. Here I get a lot of knowledge, experience, new friends and great friends who have great works.

I still remember how the first time I got a steemit account. Happy and cheerful, because I have the opportunity to work and devote my abilities to the steemit platform.
Today is my birthday in Steemit, and I want to thank all those who have contributed to sharing my knowledge, experience and knowledge of the Steemit platform.
And I'm still here forever, and will remain on this platform.


I hope, after this one year, I can still get more experience, knowledge and friends. In order to improve my ability and knowledge in working in this community.


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