Wlecome All friend [Second Time Jobs fair]

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All Friend,
This was our company. If you want to cooperate with us. We will welcome all friend


We are seeking experienced and highly-skilled managers and engineers. Specifically, we are looking for experienced personnel with skill levels from senior manager, assistant director and senior engineer to senior director and principal engineer. Don't miss out on joining a dynamic team where you will have a great opportunity to learn, grow and lead. We welcome anyone with strong work experience in engineering, networking, finance, project management, sale or business development. If you are interested to learn more about various opportunities at Frontiir, please RSVP along with your resume to [email protected] by 20 Mar 2018. Only limited seats are available! You will be able to meet with the CEO and the senior management of Frontiir to learn about the company and have a chat!


Friday evening, 23 March, 2018 (6 PM- 8 PM)
Frontiir Co., Ltd - 33 Pyay Road, 8 Mile, Mayangone

Hiring Positions


  1. Project Manager (Facility)
  2. Enterprise Business Development Manager
  3. Sr. Manager of Office Admin
  4. Manager of Enterprise Distribution
  5. Assistant Director of Business Development
  6. Assistant Director of Investor Relations
  7. Sr. Director of Enterprise Operations


  1. Core Network Engineer
  2. Sr. Unix/Linux Engineer
  3. Sr. Business Development Manager
  4. Network Architect
  5. Director of ISP Network Operations
  6. Sr. Director of Network Implementation

Research & Development

  1. Sr. Financial Systems Administrator
  2. Sr. Financial Systems QA Engineer
  3. Python Web App Developer (Staff/Architect Level)
  4. Staff Mobile App Developer (iOS or Android)
  5. Sr. Staff Database Administrator
  6. Sr. Staff ERP/Odoo Software Developer
  7. Sr. Full-Stack Software Engineer
  8. Sr. Director of Software Engineering


  1. Program Manager
  2. Sales Manager(Enterprise)
  3. Business Development Manager (OPI)
  4. Business Development Manager (Value added services)
  5. Sr. Manager of Customer Service
  6. Sr. Manager of Sales
  7. Assistant Director of Merchandizing for top-up cards
  8. Assistant Director of Marketing Operations
  9. Assistant Director of Business Development for Value Added Network Services
  10. Assistant Director of Store

About us
With a strong reputation for value and performance, and a commitment to customer service, Myanmar Net is the leading Internet Service Provider in Myanmar. We offer unlimited monthly internet plans for homes & businesses, and a variety of prepaid internet options for individual’s on-the-go.
Myanmar Net is a business of Frontiir Co Ltd that holds both NFS (I) and IGW licenses. Known for its innovation, Frontiir has an ambitious mission to “connect all of Myanmar with affordable internet services and help bridge the global digital divide”. Our 1200-person strong team is led by repatriates of Myanmar who hold graduate degrees from MIT, UC Berkeley and UIUC.
Myanmar Net today serves 400,000 users, many of whom use unlimited Internet for as little as Ks 200 per day.FB_IMG_1520517507695.jpg

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