Compressed Air System in Our Plant

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img source: ZT 30 manual

First of all, we are facing the problem about plant instrument air system .We have two Atlas
Copco (ZT45) air compressor. Their specifications are –
Working Pressure = 0.75 MPa
Flow Rate = 108.9 l/s
Power = 53.7 kW
Voltage = 400 V AC ,50 Hz



After installation of these air compressors , we’ve been using them for 4 years .Briefly on my
Point of view , they are good if you do scheduled maintenance properly. But, since last year,
one of its components has been getting us in trouble. It is intercooler flexible pipe between
LP element and intercooler. Both compressors gave us the same issue totally 4 times. The
air temperature and pressure exiting LP element make this pipe expand and deflate many
times. So cracks formed in pipe body ,I think so. After that to replace with genuine parts , they
are expensive and not available in our local markets. That’s why, we’ve used by replacing only
pipe and pipe shield ,and flanges on both sides are reused by fabricating in workshop.

Do you use Atlas Copco air compressors and face the same issue like us . Let me know ,Please!

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