Dream world lighting festival

in #myanmar3 years ago

Hi Rev. 👏👏💫
💫Dream World Lighting Festival 💫
Naypyidaw on 10-2-2018
The dream world festival
The plan, which will be opened
💏14-2-2018 ❤️ Valentine

  • starting at 5 pm
    The good news in an open
    Cheeks. 🎇 Festival
    Naypyidaw landmark
    Seen surrounded by roses / toy / doll
    In addition to the unique and beautiful toys
    3D 🌈 design partners have committed
    🌃 dream world Carnival 🎇
    Yangon / Mandalay on the old road Near the camp of the wealth Trooper (thickness) Restaurant
    Visit free market shops
    Can be sold. Come and join for your happiness.

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