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21.A two figure number is written down at random, the probability that the number is greater
than 67 is
A. 3299 B.3290 C.3399 D.3390 E. None of them

  1. The probability that a number chosen from 2,4,5,6,6,7,8,9 will be the median is
    A.12 B.13 C.14 D.0 E.18

  2. A dice is rolled , the probability that it is not greater than 3 is
    A.16 B.26 C.36 D.46 E.56

  3. A bag contains 5 white marbles, 3 black and 2 red. The probability that if a marble is chosen
    at random it will be a not white is
    A. 35 B.25 C.310 D.210 E.12

  4. A bag contain 12 white balls , some red balls and some blue balls. The probability of
    drawing a red ball is 12 and the probability of drawing a blue ball is 13 . The total number
    of balls in the bag is
    A. 22 B.60 C. 72 D.84 E. impossible to determine from the given information

  5. A bag contains x red balls and 2 blues. A ball is chosen at random, given that the
    probability that it will be red is 23 , then x=………
    A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4 E.5

  6. The probability of an event A is 3-4x . Then x cannot be
    A. 12 B.14 C.34 D.58 E.35

  7. Which of the following numbers cannot be probability value?
    A. 0 B. 1 C. 0.99 D.9.9 E.15

  8. If any number is chosen at random from the whole number 1 to 50 inclusive , the probability
    of getting a multiple of 3 is
    A.448 B.1648 C.450 D.1650 E.1250

  9. The probability that a number chosen at random from the numbers 6,8,8,12,12,8,14 will be
    the mode of these number is
    A.14 B. 38 C. 13 D. 18 E.23

  10. A bag contains 12 marbles, six are red, four are blue and two are white. If one marble is
    drawn from the bag, then the probability that is neither white nor blue is

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