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At the top of the village there are two sides of a hill that are miles apart. Right and left
The land on which the land lies is no different in size. The stream, which flows from the north to the south, splits the north bank, and splits into two. The Sanctuary, which is split at one side, forms a wide area between the two sides, and the south side turns south. It turned around and continued south. Between the two hills the water was the eastern edge of the village. The north pole, which is in the middle of the two twin springs, is also called the water hill. On the south bank of the village there is a temple, and the temple is on the north bank of the river. The village is one of the proud hilltops of the village, especially as the hill is viewed as a souvenir of the village. If you look at the watershed, as you know, it is Chinese In the center of the waterfall, the village is located in the middle of the hill and is located in the northwest corner of the temple, with a skeleton below the pagoda. Above the tomb is the text "50-year-old sister of Daw Myat Thu". To all who see the tomb, the spirit joins and returns to the past with sadness. What a story of all the villagers in Nat Kone village.
The whole village of Nat Kone is active. Today is the last day of Thingyan. It is also the happiest day for girls of all ages. According to the village tradition, there are two events each afternoon. One of the village's water festival. All the village girls had a party. It was a good time for me to get out of the house. The virgins led by the virgins came out. The Golden Age, the eyes of the Golden Age, rushed to the streets. The first one came to the village to hold a kite.
"Hey! Isn't it beautiful?"
All of the voices were unanimous.
"Don't dream, hey, the golden princess is already golden."
One commenter warned, "No one responds to his words. Isn't there a golden prince who fits in with the golden princess who lives in beauty?"
Just seeing them was a beautiful sight for them. The first match was played by the girls and the second match was held. The Dalai Lama Monks. Every year, five local monks are dressed for the holy month of Kokang. It was a lot of fun. Twenty-year-olds were selected and selected by vote. It was a great day for me.
It was a great day for me.
"The First Monk Soe Naing Maung Soe Win
When the governess hears the announcement, the child is afraid of that
They surrounded me. So, my boyfriend smiled
He smiled and waved a greeting. Sigh
I will not cry.

"Second - Zaw Win -----
Third: Thein Myint
Fourth: Courage
Fifth - he "
When the fifth bhikkhu announced, the alma mater, Haii, appeared. If not, he smiles at the fifth monk. He said he would not be separated for five months
I also thought. Before the start of the full moon, I had to say that there was still much to say.

The whole village is telling a story in a loud voice: He called Thiri Thiri, who is a full moon, and will never wear out for the rest of his life.
Not one
He was left behind. The news was carried to his friend Ei Phyu. "Hey, bring us a news. Listen to your heart."
"He left his post, and he didn't go to school and live for the rest of his life."
The horn sounded. Then he raised his face. Speak the words through each word
"Let's go, the sword is not a woman who will shoot at a man."
"Don't you feel left out?
If you want to cry, don't cry.
"White, I have no tears," said the white voice with a sharp tone, "Do not say anything." As he reported, Thu Thu went to the city to study music, and at the end of the year, he went to other relatives in other towns and settled in the city. That year was the year of the golden princes of Naw Kone village.

Ten years have passed. Nat Gone Village has also been quiet. Sleep late at night
He woke up to a sleepy village. This is the bhikkhu who returns to the village of Thyatira. Sayadaw and village chiefs
He is trying to change the village and to improve the village. It is done in advance of man-made drainage. The use of the village bridge is often used by all the villagers, following Thu Thiri's leadership.
Every child is also encouraged to attend school. Library The clinic is full of needs of the village, such as prayer services. The village is not without a monastery, and the village is under school. It seems that Thura Thura is busy with business.
Meeting today Increase the school to middle school level
So, the main problem is money. The village cannot afford this large sum of money.
The meeting was about to end without an answer All you can say is, "The disciples are thinking, God, don't think it is bad to walk." It has to be considered.
"The pastor of the village has moved away from the business," said a businessman.
The Buddha said, "Oh, ha! Ha! A loud noise of alarm!"
Maung Soe Naing, who had been his friend, sat down face down as if he had committed a serious sin. All were expecting what Thura Thu would say.
The news of not leaving the village was widespread, and the eyes of the whole village were swollen. The whole village didn't talk about it. As soon as the news broke, he ran away. Holding his sword, he wept
"You can stay awake, don't come back to the village. We remember it!"
After introducing the two friends, they had to introduce the village.
When the plow goes down, Ei Phyu asks.

"Why did you come back? Why did you come back?" Smiled.
"I'll tell you later. There's still time to go."
"Where are you?"
"You know,"
"God ----- !!
I cried out in terror. I couldn't believe what I heard and ran after me.
The village has changed in three years, and the needs of each village are being met. School library, clinic Donor of all the needs of the church is Daw Daw. The village did not leave the village for three months. The needs of the Buddha are being consulted. Other contacts can be found and introduced to Thiri. Now, we all agree to rebuild the pagoda in U village, and we all agree to repair the pagoda first.
Yes. It is expected that it will be completed in three months, and it is expected that the mass celebration will be completed.

Coconut -----
Shield ------ - Duo ----- =
Ouuuuuuu ----------------
Wow --------

Before the dawn of the morning, the sound of a trumpet sounded through the whole village. The barking of the dogs continues. Birds were also alarmed. Everyone woke up, and then the sound ran to the village hall, and soon the noise stopped and the screams came out.
"Have you left the village of Zin Pagoda? Have you left the disciples?"
"I want you to die instead of God, let us kill you!" "What? Do you leave? Do not leave, do not go away. Come on last night and hear the brass and then go away. Find out!"
It was a sad day for Thu Thiri. A voice came from a villager. When he arrived at the school, he saw a woman go up to the water, but no one was broken, and a mob went up to the water.
It is found that Mahayana is a monk living in the temple. An adult said, "No, it's all right. You're looking for us."
All looked amazing. When the whole village was crying, she was calm and then came down from the water, and prepared for her.
There is more to it than that.
Because the whole village demanded to pray to the Buddha's bones in the temple
The Buddha was called in the Buddha's presence and chanted by the Buddha
It is a burden. The whole village did not understand him, and at one point there was no sadness. Even more!
The class is generous. We worship the temple daily. Friend Ei Phyu couldn't stay.
He asked, "Well, you didn't understand your return, neither do you understand now, nor do you cry."
What do you think? "The sword looked far away and told of his return." My father came one day to where I was staying, as you know, the elder of the community, as you know. He told me something that I didn't know. "
"It is about Thu Thiha," said the monk and the village chief in his second year of calling for the five monks.
He said that he had promised the tears in tears, and now our village grows because of his tears. He said, "My father is also one of those who requested this. I returned to the village to help U Zin," he said.
They used to worry about leaving it behind. He asked, "What did you do at the Water Temple that morning? I didn't understand what was going on in the village. I didn't have to cry.
I was just praying to God that day. "" What do you pray for? "
In the years that followed, he even dropped his head in the village. The villagers did not leave
In honor of the place, no bones were placed in the water, which the villagers believed were two living spirits.

Translated by Sein Kone in Sagaing Township: chirstonawba