Heat health problems Wake card

in #myanmar6 years ago

Due to hot weather in summer
In the post-sweat body
Loss of water and salt diet
More ...!
The land mass from the heat
Grow the health problems found
The process will take
To learn soda ... wake up!

  1. Heat weak
    If you feel (Heat Exhaustion)
    Signs can be

    nausea or restless
    knocked dizzy,
    rat cramps and mild

    to sweat out the extremely
    hot loftiness

  2. Come more severe disease severity
    Heat consciousness (Heat Stroke)
    If you feel the symptoms can be ...!

hot water or dry.
To sweat out the extremely

the extremely high body temperature

  1. If you feel the symptoms above, the first to carry!

and the cool shade of a patient.
A good place
Shift ....
patients water and salt water
Feeding ....
to the patient's body temperature quickly
Forehead, neck, among the folds between Graves and pound
Serve cold water dripping wet ....
close to the patient, hospital / clinic /
Most health departments quickly .... image


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