Hair loss due to return in 2 weeks Ways to healthy

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wash off the hair color is black.
The original long hair short cut about 4 Figure 1. Send fever.
1 week 3 times wash hair before you wash your hair., Coconut oil, lemon juice and chicken eggs and 2 tablespoons Mix mix, from the tops of the hair around the head
Against the skin for 20 minutes, then shampoo .👌
💢 *** dry, dry hair shampoo hair-coat (the tops) vitamin E creams.
The skin around the hair must be rubbed for about 10 minutes
After gently swell the head. Hair after hair and a small creek.
The fever began to comb the blistering and after the first brush
A comb with fine tooth comb.
💊hair-coat to the right at the right times, about once a skin .Hair-coat the tip of the anointing
The top of the finger pressing 10 minutes.
🚥Shampoo shampoo hair type using the sand to avoid scratches, cupped a hand into a cup of water. After န့့် shampoo ware the tops of the mix. shampoo hair on top of and around the hair creams and gently for about 3 minutes head massage and wash dispensers.
🔴 hair within 2 weeks, 1 week, about 3 times before washing and wash the head described above,
After all methods.
Wash with cold water, more water than normal
Wash with warm, warm, good friends.
It is better to be head of hair 1 1 2 times to wash the hair. Only with the help of a hair You should use warm.
🕔 first 3 months of the year while short-haired
You must avoid the bad color, straight hair with heat. You must not do any conclusions drawn well ❌
✨ before washing hair at a time (about 1 hour) before palm oil (Or)
Olive oil to anoint them around the hair for about 10 minutes, without pressing the top and all of the assets can be made after 2 weeks my .💕
Show 💃 described above, it is very easy and simple ways to follow the system of hair loss quickly without fail This will help support my dear 😱😍 image


Hey @aungsoelwin, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

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