About prostate cancer

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According to the physiological process of the body cell deterioration and the nature of the repair. Death cell Any deterioration cell injury because the damaged cell can be built anew is only able to maintain a healthy body.
Some materials (eg cigarette smoke, chemicals, viruses, radiation, Harvey) cell to change the nature of the genetic origin of the day. This is called Mutation in medicine. The mutation Mutation materials Casino nitrogen (Carcinogens) can be called into cancerous substances.

The genetically transformed cell differs from normal cell build up rather quickly multiply and spread to other areas. The genetically transformed cell without processing the normal operations of the other cell activities disturb damage. After genetic changes developed by the cell is designated as the swelling cancer.

Urinary tract containing organs such as the kidneys, Kidney tubes, Bladder, ႁ ပြန္ Prod States glands, In the testes and penis, etc. All the possible swelling cancer. Especially cancer at any age can be the rate of incidence in the elders. Whilst States of cancer (prostate cancer) is the highest incidence of urological cancers. Male lung cancer mortality is the highest number in the week somewhere. The second is a prostate cancer. One in nine men with prostate cancer found that could be dangerous မသေးလှ respectively. The previous time the number of people killed by the disease of prostate cancer, but today they gained early disease detection and timely treatment has significantly reduced the number of deaths.
The tumor cancer does not occur in children under the age of 50. Saying that it had a very low incidence. The most scalable, aged between 70 and 80. In the tumor causing cancer without showing any signs of pain is difficult to know the disease early. Some see signs -

Frequent urination (especially in the evening, and increased urination times)
Peeking out of a drop of a drop of urine loss
Pain when urinating, Scorching hot feeling pains
Blood in the urine
Bones are aching.
Prostate cancer, If you want to know -

Testing itself
PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) in the blood low levels
Meat inspection and access
In treatment of prostate cancer -

Treating surgery
Hormone Treatment
Treating Cancer Drugs
Radiation treatment
Therapy often use four. They combine more than one of these four therapeutic treatment. According to the nature of how cancers early to know and timely treatment is not the best situation to be able to provide it. image

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