A mixture of history

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Before humans invented the mixture found in nature mixture energy is already established. The natural mixture energy is starting to remind mankind of electrodes, Thunderstorm, mainly from the five animals on the mixture, most diet books took notice. Nearly 5 thousand years ago, BC-2750, which was built in the ancient Egyptians were a mixture of fish and hands were numb fish . The lightning bolt in Egypt "Nile glass steel" (Thunderer of the Nile), the name given to the fish fish fish care were considered. Egypt and the mixture five years after the show lasts about 1 thousand Greeks called the electric ray mixture catfish (electric catfish) The large show. In this era of arthritis diseases diseases in fish handling and headaches were treated mixture being electrocuted.

        BC-600 is available around the middle of the Mediterranean region in the country amber rods (rods of amber), and the cat's fur (cat's fur) The friction of a feather Like the wings of birds, lightweight items that drew the properties that are already known. Therefore ဂရိပညာရှင် Angeles (Thales) amber rods and fur by rubbing a mixture of rest and found the mixture on start History page, page description, have been shown.

           The mixture were found until 1600 in a mixture that still know little. The British scientist William Key's Bud (William Gilbert) amber objects stick and rub a mixture Sam Joseph. In addition, this is the word that, like amber and meaningful (electricus) which is the word from the Greek language and the definition of two words that this was (elektron) English words on a combination of electrodes (electric) and (electricity) is a word used to start in 1646. The host of the 1800s, called the accumulator invented the first battery starts to develop the next phase, even up to today .

      Then known as Faraday, a piece out of darkness Ampère was invented different levels, many scholars today using a mixture of modern history. This was a car in the history of scientific progress and a mixture of growth, In history from a mixture of growth, In school lessons, the point of the show.

          He denies the fact that the ancient research findings has been established. It found that the mixture is in the school lessons, as you heard from the BC-600 years older than thousand dollars to start that indicate it has been used since the era and have remained there. A man stood in the essential energy use, the inventor of modern humans do things. Many years ago, as long as it lasted Even early humans from the most civilized societies have largely been initiated by the Lahu, a Greek delicacyeffectively. ![image](https://img.esteem.ws/99wbqni6j8.jpg)

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