Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

in myanmar •  6 months ago

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar6.jpg

Shwedagon Pagoda

From Yangon skyline, you can easily see Shwedagon Pagoda from any part of the city. It is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar, as it is believed to contain relics of the four previous Buddhas of the present kalpa.

On my last day in Myanmar , I went to pray at the pagoda. Although I intended to give you the full guide around pagoda, it was intense hot humid day and I ended up not taking much photos around the pagoda complex. But hopefully these photos give you a quick glimpse of the place.

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar4.jpg

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar3.jpg

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar5.jpg

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar7.jpg

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar8.jpg

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar9.jpg

Around the pagoda there were various statues representing the different days of the week, each statue represents the birthday . And the tradition is to pour water over the statues with the count of your ages..

shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar10.jpg

There is so much to see inside the pagoda grounds , there are also museums and guide available May be in my next visit, I will give you guys more detailed tour.. Until then...

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What a great place all thlse tempels are so amazing


I couldn't possibly counts how many are there.. actually the pagoda complex is also very huge..

wow beautiful sis and wonderful place

Hello mam @aburmeseabroad

You are looking so beutiful mam.
And it's really a amazing place. It's attrack me her colourful building.
Thanks for sharing mam. I think you enjoy the place.


thank you.. it is covered in gold so yes, so it shines bright day and night..

I am now starting to like Myanmar!! How are you dear? Seems you were not around along time.. :)


you noticed.. I skipped weekly monday post and catched up with today only.. Been feeling exhausted and really tired lately .. that's why. Bagan is wonderful place in myanmar. I recommend to visit.


Yeah!! I always tried to visit your blog every Monday. Nahh no worries, hope your feeling good now!! Soon, I'll be visiting Myanmar. I'll hit you up!! :)

One more thing, I really wanted to ask what's your exact name? :)


thank you for ur support. my name is Eint Chu Hlaing.. which u can kind of pronounce like 8 July...


Do you also a nickname? Hehe. Maybe I could use a shorter one. :)
Anyways, nice to meet you Eint Chu Hlaing. Finally!! :)

Wow! You are looking so beautiful.
Stupendous post
I really loved your post. 😍😍
Awesome photography.
Enjoy your vacations ma'am.

please check out my post once🤗💙

Thanks @aburmeseabroad for sharing this post.


Take me inside the Pagoda please!! Your photos are awesome, really!!


Because you, your posts, your photos are so awesome dear!! :)

Gloden pagoda in Myanmar is very beautiful, specially crossing with blue sky. It really wonderful scene.


thank you sweet, there are many vistors from thailand who pay visit to golden pagoda..


It’s not far from Thailand, Myanmar is opening country and promote traveling business. I want to go once time.

Wow your photography skills are good, you bring out all the wonderful colours of the place.


Firstly, you are looking so stunning in this pictures.☺
Myanmar is so beautiful.
I'm planning to visit there with my friends in this vacation.
Beautiful photography.
Awesome capture.💚

Thanks @aburmeseabroad for sharing this post.

Resteemed your post.


so exciting.. will lookforward ur pictures from there too.

what an amazing photography dear. just as usual you make me speechless with these breathtaking shots, you look amazing, and gorgeous, hope someday i'll be able to discover this amazing place thanks for sharing dear.


thank you. glad u enjoy the post.

I've been waiting for you for a while now, too, I like to see your trip is very interesting and I always wait for your next exciting trip


thank you for your support.

Beautiful shots 😍
Look really an amazing city ,i hope to visite it one day .


thank you.. I hope you do ..

@aburmeseabroad is back ..
Long time it is dear .

Wow you comeback is awesome . very well photography because of the place . it look very beautiful like an art like computer designs .
Keep it up dear .

Wow...great photos. Amazing colours and ornamentation.


wow! so glad to see you on my post , haven't been active in steemit myself lately and thank you.. I Hope your trading is making a lot of money as usual!


Indeed very beautiful photos. I agree, @aburmeseabroad.

My bestie went there last month!!! I only saw pictures made at night, it looks amazing on a daylight!!! I even own a magnet from there! I can't wait for your extensive post @aburmeseabroad


is she also in steemit? I think I know who... thank you for ur support sweet.


Yes, she just joined. Her username is @denisa2cu

The real picture and beautiful story you have given us. In fact there are many beauty of Myanmar anywhere and the place where you are standing. Thank you very much. I like all of your posts to give you the beautiful photography gift to us.


Wow shwedagon pagoda is huge and such a lovely place to visit. It's covered with gold and it's a holy place of Buddhists.
Anyways your are looking really beautiful.


yes, there are a lot of gold and diamonds and variety of precious stones donated to the pagoda.. it's located at the top of the pagoda..

The artist of the Shwedagon pagoda is really a genious. The beautiful sculpture are really impressive as well as your photography is marvelous. I think it's the most beautiful place of Myanmar. I appreciate your beautiful tour experience and eagarly waiting for the next episodes. Have a nice day friend, happy tour🌹🌹🌹.


Wow so many colors, the vibrant look! The Pagoda is so beautiful. We find eternal peace in there. Thanks @aburmeseabroad to share such wonderful pictures!


yes although its always crowded , they are a lot of peaceful corners around.


Yes it can get crowded at times, but all were surely seeking that peace. Even here in Mumbai we have Pagoda and its so huge that even if many people comes we don't feel its too much crowded. I really like to visit that place often!

Asia is like a little wonderland for me - it's so different than anything else 😊


I really europe, apart from the cold .. hehe

Congratulations!There is a shwedagon pagoda in my country.Welcome from myanmar.


thanks.. myanmar par pel..


Sorry friend,I think that you are foreigner.

First I would like to wish you a good holiday, indeed pagoda yangon one of the famous and historic excited to see it up close.
Like @aburmeseabroad


thank you for the well wishes..

I follow you and you are very beautiful with beautiful scenery


appreciate your follow and thanks!

ခုတေလာ ရန္ကုန္ေရာက္ျဖစ္ေပမယ့္ ေရႊတိဂံုကို ဖူးဖို႔ ကံလြဲေနဆဲ ..


twar lite lay

It's a very beautiful picture and your location is very beautiful. thanks for sharing your story and your excellent photographe I love it


thanks a lot for your support.

I think you really enjoy your trip by visiting amazing places and soothing souls


i had a great time.. thanks.

you are more beautiful than the sparkle of gold behind you

I really like this city Myanmar because that place Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon so beautiful and also girl looking so amazing, thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done

Shwedagon Pagoda is awesome, it is a place that attracts through the special architecture. Yes, I would like to read a detailed tour. Cheers

Beautiful photos of a beautiful sight. We were in Myanmar in 2015. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is one of the most spiritual landmarks in the world. A trip through Myanmar (Burma) is simply a unique experience.

Such a beautiful pagoda, I'd love to visit it and be able to pray there, maybe someday I will. Thanks for sharing.

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