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measure is
A.π75 B.75π C.5π12 D.12π5 E.π30
3.An arc PQ subtends an angle 60° at the centre O of radius 3 cm. The area of the sector POQ is
A. 270 cm2 B. 32 cm2 C. 3π2 cm2 D. 3π cm2 E. 180 cm2
4.A sector of a circle has arc length of 8 cm and the area of 16 cm2,then the radius of the circle
in cm , is
A. 2 B. 3 C.5 D. 48 E. 12

  1. OAB is a sector of a circle with centre O, radius 8 cm and a perimeter 22 cm. Then the area
    of sector, in square cm is
    A. 6 B. 28 C. 24 D. 48 E. 12
  2. The area , in cm2 , of a circle has the same numerical value as the circumference, in cm, of
    the same circle. The radius , in cm, is
    A. 2 B. 1 C.2π D.1π E.12
  3. An arc PQ subtends an angle of 120° at the centre of a circle of radius 1 cm. The length of
    arc PQ is
    A. 120 cm B. 60 cm C. π6cm D. 2π3cm E.π218 cm
  4. If the central angle of a circle of radius 14 cm cuts off an arc of length 28 cm , then the radian
    measure of the angle is
    A. 22 B.2 C.1 D. 4 E. 8π
  5. The pendulum on a clock swings through an angle of 2 radians, and the tip sweeps out and
    arc of 6 inches. Then the length of the pendulum is
    A. 3 inches B. 12 inches C. 24 inches D. 12π inches E. 24π inches
  6. The area of a sector of a circle is 143 cm2and the length of the arc of the sector is 11 cm .
    Then the radius , in cm, of the circle is
    A. 11 B.132 C.26 D. 13 E. None of these
  7. The figure shows a sector OMN of a circle at centre O with the radius r = 6 cm and a
    perimeter of 16 cm . The area of sector MON = ………
    A. 24cm2 B. 36cm2 C. 15cm2 D.12cm2 E. 9cm2

12.An arc BC subtends an angle of 144° at the centre O if a circle of radius 10 cm . Then the
length of arc BC is
A.252π B.252π C.8π D.π8 E. 8π

13.If sin20°=x then cos70°is
A.x B.x2-1 C. 1-x D.1 +x E. 1-x2
14.If sin θ= 13 and θ is acute, then cos θ=……….
A.32 B.12 C.23 D.83 E.23


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