My 2018: A Tour Around My Town - San Juan De Los Morros by @temistocles123

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My 2018: A Tour Around My Town - I introduce you to my Natal Town San Juan De Los Morros by @temistocles123

Hello my friends from steemit I hope and they are well, in this opportunity I bring you My 2018: A Tour Around My Town - San Juan De Los Morros, I was born in this small but beautiful town on February 20, 1990, San Juan de los morros It is characterized by the warmth of its people and everything is around the corner jejejeje, just walk about 45 minutes since you will have traveled almost the whole town, well without more preamble let's start with this tour of the state capital Guárico.

(Panoramic shot of the city)

We begin our tour from the north entrance of the city, where we will find a very popular monument among the inhabitants, known as "La Puerta del Llano". This monument is of special importance not only for the city but for the state since it delimits the final part of the Aragua state with the beginning of the Guárico state that this state is known as the Venezuelan plain, from there the name of this monument is born (The Puerta del Llano) is a point of reference at the beginning of the plains of the country.

(Front shot of the monument)

In this area of ​​the city is a tree that gives off a kind of very peculiar leaf that here in the region is known as "Helicopter Leaf" due to the movement that makes this small leaf to be thrown from great hehehe.

In this video we observe the movement that makes the sheet, personally I enjoy doing this.

Continuing northwards on the "Fermin Toro" road we will find the entrance to the "Juan German Roscio" Municipality.

This monument is dedicated to "Juan German Roscio Nieves" Famous Journalist, Writer and Politician who lived between the years 1763 and 1821.

Continuing towards Northeast of the City we find the Popular "Olympic City" Built by Eduardo Manuitt Ex-Governor of the state in 2007.

In this Olympic city we find Manga de coleo Simón Diaz, which is considered the largest in the state.

The Monument to the Flag.

Entering the center of the city we can find that art is breathed in the air, this time we could see how these great artists were making a beautiful mural in the well known "Casona Universitaria".

In this picture we can see the work done by the famous painter of the town "Camilo Arias" we can appreciate great diversity in his work, ranging from warm colors to cold, from light to dark with soft touches of genius, personally I am a great admirer of this artist's work. This painting represents the spirit of the city and all the cultural diversity that our country has "Venezuela" diversity of fauna, flora, animal species, much cultural diversity.

Camilo Arias doing a funny pose for the Photo.

Very close to there we went to the Public Library and for our luck the ensemble of folk music "Alma Llanera" was presenting us a sample of the most beautiful folklore.

Beautiful presentation of the folklore ensemble "Alma Llanera"

We continue our journey until we reach the Popular Monument to "San Juan Bautista" commonly known as "El San Juanote" due to its large size.

Then going up north we find ourselves in the viewpoint of the city, where we can contemplate beautiful panoramic views of the entire city.

How beautiful is my town. :)

culminate our journey heading to the river "La Olla" famous river that has claimed the lives of some, and the flow is due to the strong pressure of the waterfall that emanates into the river produces a whirlpool that sucks every person who try to swim in it, that's why the river has become a symbol of respect and mystery for its visitors.

La Olla River

Say goodbye to your friend @temistocles123, I hope and have enjoyed this tour.


Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture challenge. Good Luck.