My 2018 achievement and failure

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My 2018 achievement and failure

By @anomadsoul my 2018 was both the good and bad I will talk about my bad moments in Crypto I have been planning big on cryptocurrency but the year 2018 was not in favor of Crypto each time I see cryptocurrency dropping I ask myself is there hope, seriously I am loosing my mind cause I don't know if the Crypto I depends on so deeply can be my saviour from my finance crisis I call it crisis cause it is very scare in my place.i toldmyself something Iwill buy car 2018 with cryptocurrency but i wasn't able to achieve such dreams till today. I haven't given up on crypto there is hope. I believe will be In favor of Crypto. Also on my good moments I found love and I have decided to take it to the next level which is marriage I still believe cryptocurrency will do that for me. I will also talk about my good moments was when I visited Steemit Nigeria 2 it was fun I learn't a lot in the program the host was a bitcoin professional Chris Ani and so many others where present a lot of photos was taken
Photos speak

That's me and the founding father of @wafrica, @surfyogi
My personal photoshoot with @adabless
Chis Ani and i
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