My 2018: A TOUR around my Town – SUBIC Zambales, Philippines

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Hi Steemians,

In reference to the interesting post or wonderful blog of Mr. @anomadsoul as a source of information of this contest.<

…… which is totally amazing.

This blog should have a biggest impact to encourage and inspire me to join in his Contest.

This is all about

I would like to share to all of you my hometown, the beautiful place of Subic, Zambales, Philippines. I was born in this place on September 01 1976 in Brgy. Mangan Vaca Subic Zambales. Wherein, I am a living witness that Subic is one of the most famous and tourist destination in the Philippines.

They have a lot of beaches like Calapandayan Beach, Baloy Beach, Kale Beach and Paradise Beach. Islands like in Takeshi Castle, Mountains, Virgin Forest, Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, Ocean Adventure, Subic Feista Carnival and many more.

You can also visit the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) near the City of Olongapo. This SBMA is look like a little Hong-Kong, they have a lot of 7 star or 5 star Hotels like Crown Peak Gardens, Subic International Hotel and Aristocrat Hotel. Casino’s like Legendary Hotel and Casino Filipino, Duty Free Store, Airport like Subic International Airport and Federal Express (FedEx), different kind of business establishment and factories.

I am inviting you to visit my wonderful hometown. I am offering myself to be your tourist guide. I will assure you that this place is safe and secured. It is a good choice to chill and relax with your family and friends.

So please, choose SUBIC Zambales.

It’s more FUN in the Philippines.

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Especial Thanks to @blocktrades for your kindness and delegation on this contest.




Gusto ko pumunta dyn...

wow..... very beautiful place....i like it....cheers...;)

So you’re from zambales?!? My father is from olongapo! Upper kalaklan, to be exact. My grandparents’ house is located there. I remember we went to Calapandayan beach once! Beautiful place! 😊

yes po, @irmao.dan... maganda talaga sa subic.

Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture challenge. Good Luck.

@culturevulture, thank you for your comment... very much appreciated...cheers...:)

Zambales province is my favorite place to go especially when going to trek. the people from this place are very nice and the place is so beautiful.

hello @chuavincent, it is true a beautiful place....thanks

I've been in Zambales one time for island hopping! I really love the cristal clear water of Anawangin! Take me back.... ^_^

really @lifediaries2nd, set natin for a second bonding of steemit... meet and greet...:)

Hello, nice to meet you. I am from Jakarta Indonesia. It is a place and a good sight. Greetings.

apilopoly steemit.jpg

hello @apilopoly, thank you for your appreciation..nice to meet you also...cheers...:)

great post, gilvelosoreyes as usual!

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