My 2018 - This is My Hobby : Hitchhiking, and Make Love With Tape Art

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My Intro

Hello Steemian, How's it going? I hope all of you are always happy. This time I want to introduce and share everything about my hobbies that I always do in my life, because it has become my lifestyle and daily routine. What else is more beautiful than living a life as a hobby? This post I dedicate to follow the challenges made by @anomadsoul. Thanks to him for creating a forum that can be shared by many people and getting us all connected.

What does Hitchhiking mean?

According to Anton Krotov, a Russian explorer, he wrote about hitchhiking in his current PDF book, the name and how to do it starting in the west where people travel by car and become very popular in making a journey, Along time concept is considered. Quite dangerous and inefficient. But in the present era many travelers are reusing this method with different reasons, one of the people who follow this way is me.

And What does Tape Art mean?

I think tape art is a technique in drawing that uses unusual materials. This technique uses media packing tape, duct tape, masking tape, and various other types of tape to be made into a painting, even a mural. And here I use brown packing tape as long as I make my artwork.

It's all about Freedom.


The background of why I fell in love with both of my hobbies first started when I started watching the movie Into The Wild. Almost the whole section of the film represents every thing I experience in my life. Until finally I decided to try to get out of my comfort zone right now by looking at the world that I think is more beautiful than just the stories I hear from other people's talk, I want to feel firsthand what is meant by freedom that people often say.


And after I graduated from college in August 2017, exactly one month later I left home to see part of my country Indonesia. I started my journey from Aceh (the most western part of Indonesia) to Flores (eastern Indonesia) even though I only have 9 IDR not to 1$ US. But that's okay because I'm confident with the tape art technique I have today I'm sure I can travel 4,000 km by crossing five big islands in Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa).


Many people say I've gone mad for traveling like this, "it's impossible to do" they say, but this is the real freedom that I want. Where I can see and feel to where the limits of my ability to survive.

What is the Reason for all these things?

As I said in the intro, "What is the most beautiful thing besides living life according to passion and hobby?" This is the most powerful reason why I live my hobby. Because a journey I think is a process that can take maturity. Because with the journey I will always be outside my comfort zone and always enter into a new realm where everything is different from the things I've seen, ranging from climate difference, place, gegographic, language to culture where all these things into an information that I received so that it becomes an education that I can apply to myself or I inherit to my children and grandchildren later.

I assume that "The street is like a school where I study, and every new person I meet is like a teacher who is a source of new information that I can learn."

Because directly or not when I start traveling, it will definitely enter a new zone where I will meet new people and I have to mingle with them. This is what I call Freedom. The picture below is one example where the usual smoking habits we see is only using industrial cigarettes even Vapor, but in this photo I enjoy a traditional cigarette from the people of Sumbawa where they make it using the leaves of Lontar (a type of Palem) is dry, then later presents it with a long form with the process of making a full philosophy. Just imagine, I got the new knowledge that to make this cigarette have seven different types of bonds, where each bond has a different spiritual value.


And by making a journey I can also be grateful for the life I have, because when I do this trip with very limited money I am required to always be inovative and creative in order to continue to survive with all the problems I will face in the days that followed. Just imagine, if when I'm at home when my stomach is hungry I just go to the kitchen to take food that has been cooked by the mother. When I'm sleepy I can easily fall asleep in my comfortable room without worrying about rain or heat. Well, in this journey I am required to be able to live with all the limitations, I began to learn to make bushcratf, learn to hunt for animals or plants that I can eat, because if not do this all I am sure will starve.

I really like the beach, because if I make a bushcraft on the beach I can easily get a lot of food, ranging from fish, snails, shells and even crabs that roam the sand. But to be able to enjoy all this I still have to learn how to survive in the wild by reading books, or articles easily found on the internet.






How about Money on this Journey?

Well, I travel for 125 days but not so much money, about six hundred thousand rupiah. So how do I get that much money while I leave home with only nine thousand rupiah? This is where the role of my hobby drawing begins. Every day I go through the various places that I see the first time, see and feel the different atmospheres with different zones. It is from this that I get the inspiration to create a artwork with the tape art techniques I have that I will sell if I need a bit of money to buy basic necessities like logistics, toothpaste and soap. I never sell my art by putting up a price, I always accept whatever amount of money he gives to buy my art. Because I honestly did not really need money other than to buy the needs of the case that I mentioned earlier. Because for the affairs of eating I was accustomed to seek from nature. Below are some of my artworks I've ever sold.




Then what about transportation?

Usually I often walk, in a day I used to walk as far as 20-25km. But sometimes when I feel my body is not in a healthy condition then I look for a ride like a car. And so if I'm going to cross the island that keeps me on a ferry, I'll usually look for a ferrite cleaner, sometimes in the lobby, on the deck, or sometimes on the toilet. But not infrequently also sometimes I can ride on the free ferry just like that without having to work. This is what I often call a lot of angels out there (good people).




An unforgettable experience!

All the instruments that I experienced this is an experience that I can not forget. So this time I started to write down all the experience that I got this to be a travel book. But there are indeed some of the most memorable experiences of my adventure.

The first time I first stayed on an island called Papagarang island which is in the area of ​​Komodo National Park, Flores. I lived there for about three weeks and during that time I lived in the house of a tribal chief on the island. Generally, this island community is Bajo tribe. Every day I mingle with people to try to gather information about their lives here, what history has been created on this island. The majority of the island's population is fishermen, if the squid hunting season has arrived then they will leave the hunt from the afternoon until early morning by using only the traditional boat they have.

Until one day I became increasingly curious to know how they were doing the hunt using only small wooden boats and makeshift tools. Not as I used to watch in Nat Geo. Then I said I wanted to go hunting too to one of the residents who was close to me. And he allows on one condition that I can swim. I also lie that I can swim because if I am honest then I can be sure I will never see how they hunt. And you know? One night I drowned and almost nearly died in the sea of Flores :D

Below are some photos when I live on their island and join the squid hunt with their boat.





Those are some of the things I can tell why I chose and loved my hobby. I also attached a short documentation video that I created using only a handphone, and this video I also made on the sidelines of my travel time at that time. If anyone wants to read more about the hobby that has become part of my life you can find my name @cellosht in Instagram.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Forgive if my english is not good, because my grammar grades at school is not so good, hehe. Peaceful greetings to all of us!

Cheers, @cellosht


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