My 2017: Welcoming the new year far away from home 🇵🇭

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My 2017

Hi Everyone! I just want to share how I welcome the year 2018. Unfortunately i had work on new years eve so basically I welcomed it here on our Dental Laboratory in Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi UAE 🇵🇸. This is my first time to celebrate new year away from my family because I just recently leave my beloved country, the Philippines 🇵🇭 to take the opportunity to work abroad.

So this is the only picture I captured on the new years' eve, behind me is my pc and machine, and we celebrate the new year together 😜.

Here on my place in al jimi, they dont celebrate, there are no fireworks or anything that I used see every new year. No one outside is celebrating and i think it's because some of them go to burj khalifa or somewhere in the city of uae to celebrate or they just celebrate on their own houses. Unfortunately on my apartment, all of my housemates also leave and celebrate their new year in the city so I am the only one left in our apartment 😭. My work schedule on that day is 1pm-9pm, but my boss tell us to go home early to celebrate new year (yey!😄). And the good thing is at 8pm here at UAE, it's exactly 12midnight in Philippines so I had the opportunity to call my family there and greet them. Although it make me sad that i only celebrate with them though video call but that is the only thing i can do to ease my loneliness. I tried to wait until 12 midnight but i fell asleep because i got too tired due to my work. Maybe next year i will try to celebrate my new year on the city or if i had a chance, i will celebrate on Philippines with my family. 😁

I know there is always a good thing that will happen on every sacrifices. Salute to all OFW abroad that they need to sacrifice themselves to be away from home just to support their family and to give them decent life in a good way.. WE CAN DO THIS ALL💪 LET'S FACE 2018 POSITIVELY ☺️

Special Shout out to my friends here on uae @gheghenrv and @charmsantos 🤗 and to @steemitfamilyph 😁 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU GUYS 😘



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Happy new year @xbudeh.

Happy New Year too @htelleiram , see you soon 😅

Happy new year. 😊 same same lang taung mga empress babies 😂😂😂

hahaha happy new year din ate charm 🤗..

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Omg, Thank you po @surpassinggoogle 😁 Happy New Year also

Thanks you notice us @surpassinggoogle . 😊😊😊😍😍😍😍

Yay! Glad steemit is here to express our feelings. Soon we will celebrate new year in the Philippines.

Aww, it's hard celebrating holidays alone. I hope you have the opportunity to spend the eve with your family next year! Have an awesome 2018.

yeah i hope also,. Thanks for reading my blog! Happy New Year to you 😁

It's all for the good and for your family! Konting tiis lang.

yes kuya, hard work pays off as always 😁

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