My 2017: Achievements and Failures - @anomadsoul challenge

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I've stumbled today upon an interesting challenge started by @anomadsoul. The details can be read in his post.

To make it short, every week there is a challenge about the year 2017. First week is about achievements and failures for the past moths. I really like the idea, because it is also self reflective and shows yourself what you've learned from the experiences you had.

I'm lucky to live in the western world, but to know also the struggles from an emergent country. This habitacle shapes my personality, ideas about life, my dreams and targets, so are my achievements and failures.


  • Traveled to 3 new countries this year: the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. We've been for one week on the Arabic Peninsula and we enjoyed our time there. Target is to reach yearly at least a new country where I've never been. The travel around Europe I count it as local, being in the EU it is a big country, even if one weekend I'm in Paris and the next in Prague.


  • Managed to lose 9 kg from the start of the year. I was real chubby at the start and a change needed to be done. For the past 20 weeks I track my progress on Steemit. I feel much more powerful than a year ago and can lift now 30% more weight.

  • Changed the job on the 1st of January. Was one of the best bets I could have done, as I was sick sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day. Now I travel a lot, meet interesting people and have the possibility to learn new things which apply in all aspects of my life.

  • Reactivated my Steem account. In May I reactivated this account. It was a good decission as I also powered up and in the past months have meet so many new and interesting people from all over the world, people whom I would else never meet or get in contact with as usually most people are sticking to their social circle.

  • Started 1 major project, which will be also be mentioned at failures because the target was not achieved. I'm still puting it at achievements as it changed a lot of my thinking.

  • Eat meat and no yoga target. This is the target I put myself at the start of the year and it is writen on my 2017 plan. Most people around me turned vegeterians and do yoga. I don't like to go with the flow so this was a target to stick to steak and do not do funny looking funny on a yoga mattress. I do sports that fit to my body type and gender (no discrimination intended but synchronized swimming shall be left to girls and rugby to boys) and eat balanced.

As a coin has always two sides, the achievements are fueled by a lot of failures. I failed and had a lot of failures this year. I embrace them and try not to make the same mistakes again, but new ones.


  • Have a kid. I really want a kid and still it did not happen this year. An adoption will definitely happen after the first born kid.

  • No major deal closed for the main project. Have built a lot of contacts and did a lot of trips but nothing was closed. As I have experience, this shall happen in 2018

  • Let some people go. I had to close some friendships. It was not easy as I had a lot of trust in this relantionships, but did not realise that they have been toxic for a couple of years now.

  • Spent very little time with my family. As the job is demanding (which I love) I did not spent time with my family, my parents are living 2 countries away and my sister 700 km away in Germany. I love my family but the daily hustle takes so much time away.

  • Lost a mentor this year. I always try to find a person from which I can learn. The mentor I had, does not have any time more so he had to stop my mentorship. We are still friends but the learning has stopped.

So this are my major points for this year, which seemed to be so much shorter than 2016. I've learned a lot even if it seemed always to be on full speed.

Thanks @anomadsoul for this great initiative!


Congratulations on all your achievements and I have to raise my hat up to you for the humility demonstrated in your so-called "failures" section.

It is in deed a great idea to make such posts. I am usually making a year review as well, in photography and stories. But, this year, I have to make a few other posts first!

Thanks for another excellent piece, namaste :)

This is such a great initiative! A great time to sit and meditate about the year that ends in few days...

achievements will give you confidence and enthusiasm and failures will give you experience. but only doing ones will archive.
looking at your post - acchivements are very good. failures happen. but don't worry family can understand.
don't stop learning. it is fatal.
good post i started analizing mine after seeing your post.

good luck to you in 2018.. advance HAPPY NEW YEAR AND CHRISMAS

Congratz on your achievements. I have been trying out different lifestyles and my style is constantly changing. What about your goals for 2k18? Keep up the good work! :)

Danke das du uns an deinen Zielen und Wünschen teilhaben lässt.
Ich finde es immer spannend, welche Vorhaben andere Menschen haben :)

Great to read about your achievements and failures.
Hope that you will reach the most of your goals for 2018 :)

Hey Alex, thanks for joining the contest man, I´ll make sure to read each and every entry today ^^ Nice payout, damn!

Thank you @anomadsoul! I think it is a great project. Btw, put me off from the contest, I participate just for the sake of the project. I see you do a good thing with your delegated SP. Will post also the next two weeks.

Thanks for joining every week! Yeah, was planning on not taking in account any high reward posts so we can spread out the sbd's around haha :D although yours has podium potential lol read you around mate

Amazing story dode best of luck for your future

I also joined this competition. Good to know your stories.

Everything happens for a reason.. You'll have a kid/kids once you're ready. Just keep your faith and everything will follow. By the way, spend more time with your family please, money can't buy happiness ;)


2018 o sa fie cu siguranta un an mai bun @alexvan!

nice post you've got here @alexvan!
tho you faced a lot of challenges this 2017, i'm sure you can do better in 2018.
you will be able to create more time for your family hopefully..
keep steeming bro!!

congratulations on your achievements, it can be a motivation for me as a new person to join in this community, and failure must exist in everyone's life

You achieved many things for 2017 my friends. I think you can achieve more amazing things next year because you have been a big steemian. Keep steem on!

Warmest regards from Aceh, Indonesia.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers to a blessed and fulfilling 2018 and congrats on your 2017 achievements.

Wow! I am impressed! seems that you had a lot of experience in 2017 ;-Thanks for sharing this with usImpressive. Best of luck

I managed to achieve a new level of failure in 2017 thus accomplishing both in one fell swoop ;)

Nice article - consider me a follower. Feel free to check out my stuff. I'm new here so just getting to grips with the platform.

awesome dear good effort best of luck

Nice article - consider me a follower. Feel free to check out my stuff. I'm new here so just getting to grips with the platform.

Marry Christmas bro n Happy new year
Next year do more things

Wow I wish I could afford traveling to 3 countries a year!
Oh, where is Bahrain?

Impressive. Best of luck

congrats for achievemnt and best wishes for failures :) @alexvan

Allow you to wish to find himself in a new 2018. Not to do new errors. Whatever luck was always with you. I think Steemit will help you in life.

Condolences for the loss of your mentor.
But that's a Huge list of successes.
You've quit your old job and traveled.
That's great .
Wish you Happier 2018 :D

Wow! I am impressed! seems that you had a lot of experience in 2017 ;-)

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