My profession

in my •  last year

I am glad to inform everyone that I am a civil engineer by profession with many years of experience in Building and road construction.For Building and road construction,quality stone coated,Alluminim roofing sheet and rain gutters installation,Call today on 07059959915.......A trial will surely convince you.God bless you all

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Nice advert

In which country ?


Nigeria, thanks for the observation

Good to know bro!

Bros keep it up.

OK, please what kind of foundation, will you advice on a water log area sir?


Raft foundation sir

Hahaha, come oooo, are you doing advert? Don't mind me as all follow just playing

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Proud of you

Nice one bro

ok will need ur service soon


Will be glad to be at ur service.If possible u drop ur digit privately so that you can have details of my services

cool bro


Nice profession

Just be focus

Best of it kind

Nice profesional job, will contact you one of these days

Noted bro, the society needs people like you that can create and construct. keep it up in your profession and remain blessed.

Nice one bro

Wish you the very best bro....

Good to know ....

Nice proffesion bro, you don't need the help of govt to survive.