My story - Upon learning of divorce, my husband immediately changed for the better

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We have been with my husband for 12 years. We have a child of 5 years. But our family is strange - my husband keeps saving money all the time: either by car, then by unrealized dreams in the form of boats and at home. Money for maintenance has never been given either to raise a child or to live, says: "You also earn money, so enough to scream, but I will save. From the side it seems that the opposite is caring, purposeful, and for friends it is the best. And I'm like that old woman Izergil.

The problems began on everyday ground. We live in his abandoned apartment, but since there is not much room for us, I'm always worried about the question: why are we, having two one-room (I also have an apartment), forced to huddle with a child in this one. The child soon goes to school, but he keeps saying: "Wait, I'll accumulate soon on the house," but I understand that this is unreal. She offered to unite both houses and live in normal conditions. But he categorically does not want to sell his apartment.

As a result, over the years, and in the last year, especially, the lack of assistance on his part, material and moral, led to the fact that he became indifferent to me. More and more, I began to decide everything myself - and I liked it. The recent terrible quarrel, when he drove us out at night with the child on the street under the icy rain, was the last straw. I promised myself that everything, now I must leave. But since there are many "buts", I had to return to him.

In general, I decided to sell my apartment and move to a nearby city. And then suddenly he began to take part in the fate of the child. He began to talk about the future purchase of a common apartment. I'm at a dead end. Ahead, though unknown, but quiet life without his drinking and the eternal accumulation of money, as a result of which I'm pulling myself. On the other hand, he began to correct, or what is it? I do not understand already. And with it it's hard, and the lonely future frightens.

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