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Hello all steemit users, I am Deepa, A mum with 2 beautiful girls, elder is 8 YO and my littly is 3 years old. I am a stroke survivor, however, I was left with half paralysed body and a brand new baby in my lap and struggling husband and a family full of expectations. It all happened 3 years ago when my newborn was just 5 days old. OhWell! Thing of the past now, I recovered well and can lookafter my family and my girls with single arm and half week body. Good enough for me, atleast I am still alive and can see my girls growing into young girls. I feel myself lucky to have such a supporting husband and family. That’s my world, hope to do a good job in blogging and share my world with you all.17000949-1AC9-41F5-953A-9557DBDE8F12.jpeg98BEFD79-07A0-48EF-BD1F-DAA6D57696E1.jpeg
[My Girls] ( Pihu and Samyra)

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