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I had an irreplaceable dream of me walking down the road to my home in village when it was stark dark. I could pull myself 2-3 steps forward in the focus of the vehicles. I imagined it to be a car. How did I set myself on that road in such a darkness at so late? What in my mind makes me feel like there is all darkness on my paths, as if I had no light to guide myself? As if I did not know anything but home where I legally, officially belong. If I know any house to where I belong legally,officially with bunch of people who rightfully belong to me it is my home in Pappa's village. I remember my cousins, my aunties and uncles who are mine. When I was born I was rewarded with these relationships. They are the ones who are legally related to me and that is why I know only them, only that house.

How I set myself there? Probably that is the path I have taken and I so much want to be there that I think I could cut the miles even at night. It would be in between half an hour to 45 mins or so and I would be there finally!

Standing at that point, deciding whether to stop for a while or keep going is somewhat made me think. Why do I set myself on the path when there is dark? If a day passes by quickly and I do not yet reach home and when it is night why do I still long to keep walking down the road? I am such a restless soul who wouldn't want to stop until I reached home, but why? Was it too necessary to overlook the dangers of dark nights?

If there was someone with an insight or If I had an insight, I would advise myself to stop, to haul up the journey home, to take a break; a necessary break until it's all clear to me and when there is light I can guide myself on my way home.

This dream has made me think if I can be intermittently desperate? And how really so? Can I stop patiently and rest a while until it's day again?
Can I motivate myself by looking back at how far I have walked? Can I gaze smilingly at how near home is? Can I be happy with myself? Can I be more grateful than desperate at such night times?

Have you ever thought, how impactful it can be to haul up your project 'Destination'?
What are the positive ways have you discovered to do so? So far what's in your kitty to share with me? Could you bring up your experiences and your ways of doing things to me?

Would love to hear from you!


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